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OHA Tableau Server Usage Data

March 09, 2022

OHA Tableau Server Usage Data

Investigating Tableau Server Postgres user data for OHA Tableau Workbooks


March 09, 2022

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  1. OHA, primarily SIEI, heavily invests in developing, updating, and maintaining

    Tableau Workbooks on an ongoing basis. Can we investigate usage data to determine: • Who are using these tools? • Where are we seeing heavy usage/successes? • How we optimize the workbook structure, tab layout, or communications to improve viewership?
  2. Only OHA Analytic tool “Access” data Counts of “unique sessions”

    or distinct users Excludes workbook owners Removes “intro” tabs where applicable Letʼs talk about data
  3. Notes and Attribution • Prepared for SIEI/SI team meeting on

    March 9, 2022 by A.Chafetz • Data ◦ Monthly refresh of Project Historical Event Data - Office of HIV/AIDS (OHA) ▪ Data accessible as a result of advocacy by G. Ha and K. Noykhovich with M/CIO ◦ User types and divisions pulled from G. Haʼs OHA Tableau Usage Workbook • Code and codebook can be found on the USAID-OHA-SI/scenic-overlook GitHub repo • Images ◦ Cover photo sources from D. Gibsonʼs Watching the Watchmen ◦ Rorschach sourced from Polygon/DC Comics ◦ Silk Spector sourced from IGN ◦ Dr. Manhattan in space sourced from Den of Geek