Dutch BV

Dutch BV

The improvements made in legislature of Dutch BV has made it more beneficial for investors to form Dutch company with Netherlands BV.



July 10, 2013


  1. All you need to know about incorporation of Dutch BV

    Netherlands form a full potential market for international businesses all over the world. It is the mother of many MNCs like Philips, Unilever, Shell, etc. The legal system of Netherlands provide embodiment of excellent infrastructure, attractive fiscal climate and client-driven services. Dutch BV is the most frequently used legal entity for conducting business activities related to royalty, holding and financing company. Reduced income tax rates and other business oriented structure makes it increasing more attractive location for business set up. Improvements made in Dutch BV legislature: In October 2012, several improvements were implemented in fiscal climate of Netherlands. These improvements led the country at the top of international market. Netherlands form a strategic base for all size businesses. Some of the improvements made in Dutch BV legislation are:  Minimum share capital amounting to EUR 18000 upon incorporation.  Different voting and profit rights can be attached with shares. Legislature even allows shares without any voting or profit right.  More flexibility in repurchasing.  Holders of specific shares can appoint a director by holding a meeting of related shareholders. Meeting can be held outside the Netherlands according to specifications of article in association.  Abolition of requirements applied when BV involves in transaction with shareholders.  Abolition of auditing report and many more. Incorporation procedure for Dutch company:  Choose a provider: you can find many online companies that lessen the hassle involved in Dutch C ompany set up. To choose a right service provider, visit their websites, fill their contact form or call them to ask for a quote. According to client's wishes and requirements, companies will issue a fee quote. Choose a provider with whom you fell satisfied.  Documentation: After getting confirmation from a client, company will issue a list of required documents and information to start and complete the incorporation process. Documentation also includes passport copies of company owner and nominee director for identification purpose.  After receiving required documents, provider will issue draft articles for business and documents to be signed by owner. On receiving approval to draft articles and signed documents, the BV will be incorporated.  Registration in trade register: After BV incorporation is finished, next step is to register BV with Netherlands trade register of the Chamber of Commerce. The trade register contains
  2. information about all BVs incorporated with Netherlands. The information like

    date of incorporation, statutory name, registered address, authority of directors and shareholders. Trade register is easily accessible to public providing the best information source about business practices and its partners. To incorporate BV in Netherlands, it is good to hire a provider who can assist clients during complete incorporation process. Resource: Act-offshore is a leading service provider located in Netherlands. They help clients in setting up their Dutch BV in one of the world's top offshore destination, Netherlands. Get a free quote and Incorporate your Dutch company with act-offshore.