The Library Is Open

The Library Is Open

Keynote for the Pennsylvania Library Association Conference, 2018. For complete text, visit


Robin DeRosa

October 14, 2018


  1. A note about accessibility before I begin. If you would

    like to follow along with the written version of this talk, you can visit That link will also have the images on the slide deck with embedded descriptions for your screen reader, if you want to check those out later, and the embedded video has closed captions.
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  5. Concord Free Public Library

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  9. "The library is a place, and the web is everywhere.”

    David Lewis
  10. “Google Search is conceived of as a public resource, even

    though it is a multinational advertising company.” Safiya Umoja Noble, Algorithms of Oppression
  11. commons/commerce "Commercial control over the Internet, often considered a 'commons,'

    has moved it further away from the public through a series of national and international regulations and intellectual and commercial borders that exist in the management of the network. Beyond the Internet and the control of the network, public information-- whether delivered over the web or not-- continues to be outsourced to the private sphere, eroding the public information commons that has been a basic tenet of U.S. democracy.” Safiya Umoja Noble
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  13. We value those moments where we find the antidote to

    the uncanniness of the disembodied Web in what we perceive to be indisputably human interactions. Donna Lanclos
  14. Seamlessness doesn’t signal a way in. .. How do we

    build educational environments, both digital and physical, that give people a way in? In to the course, to the library, to the discipline, to the University? One answer might be in engaging with seam-y (“see me”) practices and pedagogies. Showing the seams, being open about how educational experiences and scholarly content are produced. Academia is a made thing, we can show students the seams, and allow them to find their way in. Donna Lanclos
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