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ADDC 2017 - Joe Birch: Android Things: Building for the IoT

ADDC 2017 - Joe Birch: Android Things: Building for the IoT

Whilst the IoT has been a growing and exciting area, it's also been out-of-reach and difficult for many of us wanting to craft hardware. Luckily for us, Android Things now allows us to utilise our existing knowledge of the android platform to easily contribute to the IoT ecosystem. Easing development using existing knowledge allows us to give a greater focus on how we can craft aa pleasant User Experience when it comes to the Internet of Things.

In this talk we'll be discovering what the platform of Android Things is and looking at some fundamental topics that will give developers the confidence and knowledge to build for android things. As well as leveraging existing resource from the Android ecosystem, we'll be looking at how we can shift our thinking for UX when it comes to moving away from a screen and towards physical components - all whilst brushing over some real examples to give us the knowledge to create exciting new devices for the physical world.

More about the talk, authors & slides: https://addconf.com/talks/15/
Read about the conference: https://addconf.com

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