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ADDC 2019 - Dan Abdinoor: The NPU Revolution

ADDC 2019 - Dan Abdinoor: The NPU Revolution

Behind the use of artificial intelligence capabilities is a new and foundational piece of technology: the Neural Processing Unit. These AI-only processors are changing the rules for machine learning power and affordability, creating new and ideal conditions for intelligent devices. In this talk, we will explore the history, recent breakthroughs, and future impact, covering everything you need to know about the Age of the NPU.

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  1. The NPU Revolution Dan Abdinoor CEO & Co-founder, Fritz

  2. None
  3. Newly possible with intelligence • Vision • Voice • Autonomy

    Two Types of AI Solutions Improved with intelligence • Translation • User Input • Storage & Retrieval
  4. None
  5. Facebook AI Research Progress

  6. Growing AI Model Complexity

  7. Training Time (hours) Number of computer devices Simple to Scale

    in Cloud
  8. Not so simple to scale on Edge Limited space Limited

    power Limited connectivity
  9. Move the Intelligence not the Data

  10. Neural Processing Unit

  11. What is an NPU?

  12. Silicon Transistors Vacuum Tubes M icro- processors 16-Bit 32-Bit D

    ual-cores 4-16 Cores 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 CPU GPU NPU Video signal output Perfectly parallel operations M atrix and vector operations Floating point operations Tensor cores H igh-volum e Low -precision Chronology of Processing Units
  13. CPU GPU NPU Increase Volume

  14. Lower Precision

  15. Limit Intermediate Data Fetching Tesla

  16. NPU Chips

  17. Apple Neural Engine 8 Cores 5 TFLOPS

  18. Huawei / HiSilicon Kirin 980

  19. Samsung Exynos

  20. None
  21. Intel Mobileye

  22. Qualcomm Cloud AI 100

  23. Google Edge TPU

  24. Google Edge TPU Dev Board NVIDIA Jetson Nano

  25. Tesla FSD Hardware

  26. NPU Performance

  27. Real-world Performance Relative to iPhone X NPU

  28. None
  29. NPU-powered Solutions

  30. iPhone Machine Learning Timeline Performance 2015 2016 2017 2018 A9

    iPhone 6S PowerVR GPU +”Hey Siri” + People in Photos A10 Fusion iPhone 7 Apple GPU 6 core 50% faster + Portrait Mode A11 Bionic iPhone 8 + X Apple Neural Engine 2 core 0.6 teraflops + Face ID + Raise to wake A12 Bionic iPhone XS Apple Neural Engine 8 core 5 teraflops + Computational Photography + Developer Access to ANE
  31. Tesla

  32. Try-on a Bike Try-on Fashion

  33. Context-Aware Smart Home

  34. Healthcare Retail Photography Sports + Fitness

  35. The Future NPU

  36. More Efficient

  37. Mythic Low Power NPU

  38. Hailo 8

  39. Xnor Solar Camera

  40. More Powerful

  41. Graphcore IPU

  42. Quadric Edge Supercomputer

  43. Quadric Edge Supercomputer

  44. NPU Implications

  45. NPU Moore’s Law May Yet Continue

  46. Parkinson's Law Project workloads expand to fill the time allotted

    Abdinoor’s Law Software workloads expand to fill the computing resources available
  47. The NPU Revolution? 1. AI solutions 2. Here today 3.

    More designs on the way 4. Transformational
  48. Thank You Dan Abdinoor dan@fritz.ai Graphcore Visualization of Alexnet