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ADDC 2019 - Shem Magnezi - Good rules for Bad apps

ADDC 2019 - Shem Magnezi - Good rules for Bad apps

Building a decent app is easy this day, there are plenty of tutorials, videos and blog posts about it. In this session, I’ll try to go over some of the top mistakes that every one of us is doing while building his app. This will cover all the aspects of building a bad app- technical, UI & UX, and product. So each one of you will be able to adapt his favorite bad pattern and ruin his app.

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  1. 1. Permissions 2. Communications 3. Lose screen state 4. App

    size 5. Unknown UX 6. Intro 7. Mysterious icons 8. Login 9. Framework version 10. No real data 1. Only what you need 2. Loading and empty state 3. Save screen state 4. Vectors and modules 5. Material Design 6. Hints in context 7. Use predefined icons 8. Use SSO 9. Know your users 10. A/B testing