ICT Disasters: Alvalade XXI Stadium

4796c2853f14f3c6f0825070f1d2e052?s=47 Adriano Martins
November 22, 2011

ICT Disasters: Alvalade XXI Stadium

Case study for ICT & Services, MSc Business Information Systems, University of Amsterdam


Adriano Martins

November 22, 2011


  1. Adriano Martins RAMON O’CALLAGHAN Tilburg University, The Netherlands

  2. 500.000.000€ project ✚ 10 new/remodeled stadiums ✚ Motorways ✚ Revamping

    Airports and Ports ✚ New Railways 2
  3. Luis Figo Cristiano Ronaldo Ricardo Quaresma Simão Barbosa T H

    E T E A M : SPORTING CLUB DE PORTUGAL ⚑One of the biggest football clubs in Portugal ⚑Successful football club 3
  4. T H E S TA D I U M :

    ALVALADE XXI • Located in Lisbon • 52000 seats • Restaurants, Bars, Rest Rooms, Bowling Alley, Medical and Health Center, Cinema Complex 4
  5. • Casa do Marquês S.A. group ★Market Leader on Catering

    ★15 years of experience • Will serve: • over 1500 seats • 15 kiosks • 26 bars • 50 walking sales persons T H E C O M P A N Y : CASA XX1 5
  6. T H E P R O J E C T

    : CARD 21an innovative payment system Car System • pre-paid card based • decentralized • IBM optic-fiber network • front office by Wintouch • designed by Casa XXI • implemented by MEAG Advantages • avoid the use of cash • faster turnaround • shorter queues • more productivity 6 163.323,45€
  7. T H E P R O J E C T

    : CARD 21an innovative payment system CartãoXXI Kiosks sell Cards buys products Walking Salesman Bars record sale record sale Local Server Wireless Server Main Server 7
  8. T H E I N A U G U R

    AT I O N D AY : SPECTACLE ˒ laser show ˒ live music performance ˒ official opening by the President of the Republic ˒ friendly match between Sporting and Manchester United 8
  9. T H E I N A U G U R

    AT I O N D AY : CONDITIONS • stadium construction was finished only 11 hours before (including IBM network) • extremely high temperatures on the day • stadium opened only 30mins before • fans were exhausted • bars were crowded • fans did not know how the system works 9
  10. T H E I N A U G U R

    AT I O N D AY : WHAT HAPPENED? • cards arrived late • cards were not activated • system did not work • chaotic (thirsty) crowds at the bars • cash transfer not configured • employees started accepting money • some money/products were simply stolen 10
  11. T H E I N A U G U R

    AT I O N D AY : WHY DID IT FAIL? • Meag failed to successfully run a test • wifi antennas did not work (>50ºC) • cards were not activated • transaction would take 45s (huge bottleneck) • fans had to buy the cards in different places • malfunctioning or disconnected hardware • use of SQL Developer Edition 11
  12. T H E I N A U G U R

    AT I O N D AY : REASON FOR FAILURE? • poor planning phase responsible error project analysis Casa XXI •weak requirement analysis •weak business processes analysis •weak risk analysis contracting Casa XXI •did not include deliverables or testing contracting Meag •poor interpretation of requisites development Casa XXI •did not followed up development both •poor collaboration development Meag •inefficient system •software conflict undetected testing Meag •no testing production Casa XXI •lack of alternatives to the system production Meag •lack of system re-configuration plan •lack of identification of hardware malfunction 12
  13. T H E N E X T M AT C

    H : WILL IT WORK? • Meag promises a fully operational system • keeps postponing the test • Casa XXI demands a full-load test... and it fails! • hardware malfunctioning • erratic behavior • equipment not even configured/connected • Casa XXI decides for a game without cards 13
  14. W H AT N O W : ALTERNATIVES • Casa

    XXI has to decide • keep Meag? • opt for other company? (3 alternatives) 14
  15. A L T E R N AT I V E

    S : MEAG ✓innovative system (if working) ✓no extra costs ✓no extra time/work needed (lawsuits, project analyses , new contracts, etc) - Meag lacks experience on such large scale environment - lack of trust - Meag failed twice! - embarrassment (if it fails a third time) 15
  16. A L T E R N AT I V E

    S : PROCESSOS CRIATIVOS ✓use existing installation ✓vast experience with Wintouch front office - proposal lacks price 16
  17. A L T E R N AT I V E

    S : RESTINFOR ✓use of Aquapads ✓ battery powered (no need for UPS, portable) ✓ flash memory and Linux (very reliable) ✓5 sec transaction ✓confident on the time frame - more expensive (new hardware) 17
  18. A L T E R N AT I V E

    S : SVDI ✓involved in other payment systems in the stadium ✓experience with IBM network - hardware and software changes - not clear if ready for the next match - proposal lacks price (probably very costly) $VDI pa¥m€nt $¥$t€m 18
  19. A L T E R N AT I V E

    S : WHICH ONE? • new partner... - can bring new problems - extra work and cost • but... ✓can also bring more confidence ✓extra competence 19
  20. Adriano Martins RAMON O’CALLAGHAN Tilburg University, The Netherlands