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Performance Reviews are incompatible with the Agile MindSet by Luis Goncalves

Performance Reviews are incompatible with the Agile MindSet by Luis Goncalves

Have you had blood pressure and heart beat increase with the proximity of the annual performance review rituals? Do you get the chills just before your "performance improvement plan" meeting with your boss? Have you had a poor review because you were not able to perform how you boss wanted, but in reality you could not have done anything different?

Performance Reviews are based in completely wrong assumptions. Companies still think that Performance Reviews are great tools to provide feedback, to set goals and to improve the individuals. All this is pure nonsense and in reality Performance Reviews are a cancer for our companies and they need to be removed.

Come to see my talk and you will understand how Performance Reviews are completely incompatible with Agile Mindset and I will explain what can be done using examples of companies from all over the world that successfully tackled this problem.

Agile Latvia

April 26, 2014

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  1. Society for Human Resources 90% of performance reviews systems are

    @lgoncalves1979 www.lmsgoncalves.com not successful
  2. 95% of H.R professionals said they were very unsatisfied with

    their performance management systems Aon Consulting and the Society of Human Resources Management @lgoncalves1979 www.lmsgoncalves.com
  3. PA fails as a Rating Device We cannot avoid this

    simply because we are: HUMAN @lgoncalves1979 www.lmsgoncalves.com
  4. Agile Thinking Performance Appraisals Empower People Forced Process Collaborative Teams

    Individual Accountability Unleash Intrinsic Motivation Motivate with Incentives Respect Diversity One size fit all Emerging Structures Controlling structures Just in Time Annual event Approach Improve Process Rely on Inspections/MBO Improve the whole system Improve the parts Coens, Tom; Jenkins, Mary (2002-10-12). Abolishing Performance Appraisals
  5. Organizational • Drop Organizational Mandated Rating • Create a variety

    of freely chosen delivery systems • Make Goals visible to everyone (Organizational Goals and Individual Goals) @lgoncalves1979 www.lmsgoncalves.com
  6. Leadership • Create a clear vision where the company wants

    to go • Create a clear purpose of what the company wants to achieve • Create a culture of continuous feedback • Create a culture of continuous education • Communicate a concise list of organizational goals @lgoncalves1979 www.lmsgoncalves.com
  7. Training • System Thinking • Feedback mechanisms • PDCA tool

    • Communication • Motivation • How to promote and provide Interesting work @lgoncalves1979 www.lmsgoncalves.com