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Manager README ver.20220217

Manager README ver.20220217

It's the slides which I talked in the event
English Tech LT Jam feat.【アンドパッド|ユニファ|iCARE】.
It's updated Manager README of myself.

Hiroaki Akanuma

February 18, 2022

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  1. Self Introduction Twitter: @akanuma Hiroaki Akanuma Joined Unifa in February

    2015 Worked at M3 Nubee Tokyo before Unifa The first full-time engineer at Unifa CTO since April 2016
  2. What’s Manager README? Ø yoshiori-san at Cookpad wrote it in

    Japan. Ø User's manual about myself Ø Self-understanding and understanding from others is highly important for organizational performance. Ø I wrote ver.20200502 in 2020. Ø This is the ver.20220217 as an updated version.
  3. My Role Ø Responsible for the system provided by Unifa

    as a member of the management team Ø Leave product development to the members Ø CTO ≠ “the person with the highest technical skills in the organization” Ø Respect member’s judgment in how to develop products
  4. My Role Ø Think about how the group of professionals

    can produce better output as a team. Ø Build an environment and structure and do what it takes to maximize output. Ø Add the business perspective of management to the perspective of creating a good product, and think about the direction the team should take. Ø Install Management's Intentions to the Middle Managers
  5. Hope To Increase Our Market Value Ø Many of us

    will eventually leave Unifa. Ø I want each of you to increase your market value as individuals so that you can move on. Ø I want to assign work that will help you do what you want to do and improve your skills as much as possible. Ø I want members to be ambitious in their efforts. Ø I want members to be proactive in your output, both internally and externally.
  6. Feedback Ø If you have any thoughts about me, please

    feel free to give me feedback. Ø Some things I just can't recognize unless you tell me. Ø It would be helpful if you could also tell me what you think is good, so that I know it's good to keep it without changing it.
  7. Dislike Words And Actions That Lack Respect Ø It's possible

    that the result of your hard work will be a lack of results, a poor way of proceeding, or a disregard for theories from professionals in other areas. Ø Any negative comments or posts on slack, etc. that are mocking or lacking in respect for it will be considered a problem. Ø Imagine not only the superficial results, but also the circumstances behind them! Ø Constructive discussions and feedback are welcome.
  8. Don’t Want To Micromanage Ø Basically, I want members to

    be free to do what they want. Ø Each of us is comfortable doing things in our own way, and it's easy for both of us to do what we want without me having to interfere with the details. Ø For this reason, I want everyone to have independency and output. Ø My management style is so soft.
  9. You Can Call On Me Anytime Ø If you have

    something trivial you want to talk about, you can always call on me. Ø If I'm unlucky enough to be right before a meeting or have urgent work to do, I may ask to move the time, but feel free to talk to me. Ø Mentions to me on Slack are also welcome at night and on holidays.
  10. Other Things I Do Ø Hiring development team members Ø

    Tech branding Ø Product Development Division budget review Ø Management of actual versus forecast results
  11. Personality Ø Introverted and shy, not good at talking to

    others, but welcomes being talked to. Ø I'm a bit timid, but sometimes I start things on the spur of the moment. Ø I'm not good at negotiating or dealing. Ø My blood type is O, so I'm broad and optimistic.
  12. Waiting For People Who Want To Become CTO Ø I'm

    not trying to quit. Ø I want to see someone with the determination to become a CTO. Ø I will always give the position to someone else if I think they deserve it more than I do.
  13. It’s Always WIP Ø This content is a snapshot as

    of 17th February 2022. Ø If the roles and ideas change, the content may change or be revised significantly in the future.