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Why are we writing all these blog posts?

Why are we writing all these blog posts?

Are you a growth-hacking marketing guru, creating compelling content that resonates with your target audience and drives value?

Translation: Do you write loads of blog posts and eBooks hoping people will one day buy your stuff?

Sounds pretty stressful.

In this talk, Alice will look at the reasons for writing things online and argue that it isn’t realistic, or necessary, to constantly churn out loads of content.

Together, we’ll throw off the content marketing shackles and focus instead on creating UX-led, well-written core website pages.

You’ll go away with the tools needed to create your own content strategy that includes:
• Realistic user personas
• Your brand’s tone of voice
• An SEO strategy
• UX-led page structure

Alice Richardson

September 28, 2017

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  1. 1. Why you should focus on really good content rather

    than lots of content. 2. How to build a solid core of content (i.e. content strategy)
  2. What do we want to achieve? > Goal setting “To

    increase our leads from 1 to 10 a month in 6 months”
  3. Who are our audience? > User personas Jen Sharp –

    Marketing Director Jen has ownership over the final product her clients get. Working for a full service agency, she’s knowledgeable about copywriting and already knows what she wants. She has tight deadlines so is looking for writers who’ll save her time. She’s receptive to new ideas and is impressed by quality, original, timely work.
  4. Who are we? > Brand values Quality means: Work we’re

    proud of We only produce work we feel good about doing. Taking risks Some of the most original and successful ideas come from taking risks, so we do – regularly. Perfect spelling, nice grammar We check our spelling. And generally stick to grammar rules. Taking on the least amount of work We’re not a content mill and we take on less work to allow ample time for every project.
  5. How will we communicate? > Tone of voice What genuine

    sounds like Being ethical is at the root of our business, so with this comes honesty and the desire to give our customers a genuinely excellent product. We’re authentic and do this for the love of it. Choose language that’s: Kind Truthful Informed
  6. Structure, pages and posts - What pages/posts do we need?

    - What will they be called? - How will we lay them out? - What about the copywriting??
  7. 5 useful tools Google Analytics - Traffic source + flow

    SimilarWeb / Google – Competitor research Google keyword planner – Deciding which KWs to target SEMrush – KW ranking and discovery Hotjar – How people use your live site