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Deck that used in competing on APICTA 2016. The team is one of delegates from Indonesia on Tertiary Student Project category.

Muhammad Alif Akbar

December 06, 2016

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  1. “ Heart disease is the NUMBER ONE killer in the

    WORLD and can be deadly for everyone (WHO, 2016)
  2. 12 Buy Heart Rate Monitor Device MyZone ONLY SHOW THE

    HEART RATE Apple Watch Wahoo Tickr X
  3. 16 Bracelet Hold on up to 1 Day 30 Minutes

    Charging Charge with Mini USB Bracelet Service Battery : 100 mAH Capture heart activities 24/7 Connected to the internet
  4. 17 Mobile Application Monitor SMS Add Bracelet ID Connected to

    the Internet User’s Device Fast Call Notifications
  5. 20 Algorithm’s Accuracy Use rules of Arrhythmia identification rules based

    on: An arrhythmia classification system based on the RR-interval signal by M.G. Tsipourasa,c, D.I. Fotiadisa,c,d,*, D. Siderisb,d 1 2 Prove the paper concept with MIT-BIH Arrhythmia dataset  RESULT 90%
  6. 23 JANTUNG Project Timeline Problem Definition Late 2015 Research Began

    Runner Up APICTA August, Malaysia Telemedicine Challenge Manufacture Research January December 1st Prototype 2nd Prototype Public Release Research Release
  7. 24 Current and Future Plan Current Monitoring Arrhythmia Detect Future

    Heart Attack disease Prediction before symptom