Python in Africa - PyCon Italy 2017

Python in Africa - PyCon Italy 2017

A talk on the Python community initiatives in some parts of Africa.


Anna Makarudze

April 07, 2017



  2. About me Python/Django Developer PyZim Member/Secretary PyCon Zimbabwe Organiser Django

    Girls Harare/Masvingo Organiser PyLadies Harare Organiser DSF CoC
  3. Python awareness in Africa What is Python?

  4. Python awareness in Africa What is Django?

  5. Python awareness in Africa You are hosting Django Girls, when

    is Django Boys?
  6. Python use in Africa Developed nations ◦Large software powerhouses ◦Education

    ◦Software and web app development ◦Data science
  7. Python use in Africa Developing nations ◦No software powerhouses ◦Education

    ◦Websites and web app development ◦Limited data science
  8. Python Communities in Africa Nigeria South Africa Namibia Zimbabwe Tunisia

    Morocco Ghana Kenya Uganda Sudan Republic of Congo Madagascar Cameroon
  9. Python events Django Girls PyCons PyLadies

  10. Django Girls Source – Django Girls

  11. PyCons Source – The PSF

  12. PyLadies Source – PyLadies

  13. South Africa Established Python community. 6 PyCons to-date. Django Girls

    - 2 cities. Umonya Python for School Children
  14. New Communities Namibia Nigeria Zimbabwe

  15. Namibia – PyCon Namibia @PyConNA

  16. Namibia – PYNAM Society @PythonNamibia

  17. Namibia – PYNAM Scholars

  18. /pynams-school-outreach-project/plan

  19. Namibia – Django Girls Windhoek Django Girls Windhoek

  20. Namibia – Women in Computing Women in Computing Conference 2016

    & 2017
  21. Nigeria – Django Girls Django Girls Lagos 29 more events

    across Nigeria
  22. Nigeria - PyLadies Nigeria

  23. Nigeria - Carrington Youth Initiative

  24. Nigeria PyData Lagos meet-ups

  25. Nigeria - PyCon Nigeria 2017

  26. Zimbabwe - Django Girls Three cities • Harare • Masvingo

    • Chinhoyi
  27. Zimbabwe - PyCon Zimbabwe

  28. Zimbabwe - PyLadies Harare

  29. Zimbabwe – ZimboPy

  30. Upcoming PyCon events in Africa Zimbabwe 23rd - 26th August

    2017 Harare
  31. Upcoming PyCon events in Africa Nigeria 15th - 16th September

    2017 Lagos
  32. Upcoming PyCon events in Africa South Africa 5th – 6th

    October 2017 Cape Town
  33. Countries with plans for PyCon Uganda Mozambique Botswana

  34. Challenges Funding Poverty – lack of computers Lack of awareness

    on open source communities
  35. Challenges Lack of expert Python mentors Lack of know-how on

    setting up open source communities Lack of Python jobs in most African countries
  36. Contributing to Python in Africa Mentorship Conferences – talks, tutorials,

    organising Sponsoring events Talent recruitment
  37. Getting in touch with Python Africa Africa mailing list

  38. Future of Python Africa Afro Python / DjangoCon Africa someday

  39. Python in Africa Questions?

  40. Thank you!