Services, Architecture and Channels

Services, Architecture and Channels

A talk I gave at DjangoCon Europe 2017 in Florence, Italy


Andrew Godwin

April 03, 2017


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    Andrew Godwin Hi, I'm Django core developer Senior Software Engineer

    at Apparently now does software architecture
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    The Monolith Only one version of any dependency Everything can

    import everything Deployed all at once No separation Side-effects from other code
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    Services Code split up by purpose/team Defined cross-boundary API Deployed

    separately Can use different versions of dependencies Isolated from each other
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    Channel Layer Interface Server Worker Server Process 1 ASGI ASGI

    Asynchronous socket handling Synchronous Django project Interface Server Worker Server ASGI ASGI Worker Server ASGI Process 2 Process 3 Process 4
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    At-most-once delivery ASGI's Tradeoffs You have to design for potential

    loss Low-latency but non-persistent Good for protocols, bad for important task queues Capacity, Backpressure and FIFO Informs producers quickly about pileups in the queue