Mind the gaps—designing multichannel service experiences for real people

0f6ccdd935ce93750fcc527764c7abfc?s=47 Andy Polaine
November 21, 2014

Mind the gaps—designing multichannel service experiences for real people

My presentation from Interaction South America 2014 - Buenos Aires


Andy Polaine

November 21, 2014


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    Interaction14 South America El evento de Diseño de Interacción y

    Experiencia de Usuario más importante de Latinoamérica. B U E N O S A I R E S Mind the gaps Designing multichannel service experiences for real people Andy Polaine @apolaine
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    "The thing that was really important was what was happening

    between me and the software on the screen.” Bill Moggridge on the GRiD Compass Computer Image source: Smithsonian's Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum
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    ThirdParty™ Mobile People Products Marketing Other Services Print Web Services

    are ecosystems - every part affects the whole People A transitions are crucial to the experience
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    Website-Call Center Gap Website-System Error Gap Website-Call Center Gap Husband-Wife

    Expectation Gap Call Center Staff-Check-In Staff Gap Boarding Staff-Computer System Gap The human service element finally wins
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    Cracks can accumulate to form an experience crevasse Image source:

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    If you don’t design it, somebody else will Image source:

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    Image Sources: Andy Polaine. London/RoW: Stefan Kellner How do the

    individual experiences join up to make a whole?
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    Avoid demographic personas. Go for behaviours/actions instead. Jane, 32, lawyer.

    Loves her BMW, reads the Financial Times, lives in Notting Hill, London. Has a boyfriend, but no children yet and wants to get ahead in her career first.. Likes the good things in life, needs information fast, is constantly connected on her iPhone and iPad. Watches Homeland in the evening with a bottle of Australian Cabernet Sauvignon. Fake photo. I made this up.
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    Iterate prototypes and test the service touchpoints in real life

    with real people Image source: live|work
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    Remember people’s lives exist in a broader context, not just

    on screens Image source: http://consumeconsume.com/post/13272453418
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    No deje de completar su evaluación online isa.ixda.org/encuesta ¡Muchas gracias!

    Interaction14 South America B U E N O S A I R E S Mind the gaps – Designing multichannel service experiences for real people Andy Polaine