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Hidden gems in Redash

Hidden gems in Redash

Redash Meetup 3.0.0 の発表資料です #redashmeetup


Takuya Arita

July 10, 2018


  1. Hidden gems in Redash @ariarijp

  2. Me • ariarijp (Takuya Arita / ༗ా ୓࠸) • Organizer

    of Redash Meetup • Contributor of getredash/redash • Working at Unitone inc. • Twitter: @ariarijp • Facebook: ariarijp • GitHub: ariarijp
  3. I'm going to talk about five of advanced features and

    usage in Redash
  4. Agenda • Query Results Data Source • Python Results Data

    Source • Url Results Data Source • Script Results Data Source • Extending Redash • Demo • Consulusion
  5. Query Results Data Source

  6. Query Results Data Source • You can use exiting Query

    as a Data Source • I guess it's popular for you guys :) • You can use SQLite's SQL Syntax • Almost Standard SQL • For now, you cannot use query parameters in Query Results Data Source • It is still discussing at forum • https://discuss.redash.io/t/thoughts-on-adding-support-for-queries-with-parameters-in-query- results-data-source/1709?source_topic_id=1736 • https://discuss.redash.io/t/reql-query-language/1736/8
  7. Python Data Source

  8. Python Data Source • You can use Python scripts as

    a Data Source • You can write Python codes in the Query Editor on Redash • If you want to use Python Data Source, you should know some Redash's functions • Eric Feng's article and Arik's example are good reference for developers
  9. Url Data Source

  10. Url Data Source • You can use HTTP endpoints as

    a Data Source • HTTP Endpoints should return Redash-styled JSON • HTTP GET only supported • You cannot send HTTP request body
  11. Script Data Source

  12. Script Data Source • You can use any Scripts as

    a Data Source • Scripts should output Redash-styled JSON • This feature is insecure • If you want to use it, you must care about your inventories
  13. Extending Redash

  14. Extending Redash • You can create your own Query Runner

    • Arik (The founder of Redash) introduces how to create a query runner for Redash on forum • If you want to create Query Runner, you should know about how Redash works
  15. Demo • 1: Use Python script as Data Source •

    2: Use hand-crafted Query Runner
  16. Conclusion • Redash has many varieties of Query Runners •

    Redash can be extended by yourself in several ways • Url, Script, or your own Query Runner • However, I guess you can solve almost all of your issues without these advanced features • If you want to use advanced features, you have to remember below • With great power comes great responsibility
  17. Happy Redash-ing!