What's the future of OpenTracing

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February 22, 2019

What's the future of OpenTracing

Serverless Webinar



February 22, 2019


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    @PurpleBooth #ServerlessWebinar What is OpenTracing • Not a server •

    Not a cool library • Not a server standard • A Client API Specification • Common tags and logs • An effort to prevent vendor lock-in
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    @PurpleBooth #ServerlessWebinar Greek philosopher Theophrastus Lived till he was 85

    Came from Lesbos Best mates with Aristotle Ran a school Tato Grasso CC BY-SA 2.5
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    @PurpleBooth #ServerlessWebinar Van Jacobson Lived till now Came from United

    States Helped solve the problem of congestion and are used in over 90% of Internet hosts today Denies saving the internet
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    @PurpleBooth #ServerlessWebinar • Slightly more common • Rapid creating new

    functionality • Publications talk about how to build it yourself
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    @PurpleBooth #ServerlessWebinar • It’s unusual if you don’t do it

    • You know it, and you know how to use it • Publications talk about how to use it