Craft Conf - Open Source isn't for everyone (but it could be)

Craft Conf - Open Source isn't for everyone (but it could be)


Ashe Dryden

April 24, 2014


  1. @ashedryden open source isn’t for everyone (but it could be)

  2. @ashedryden ! ! real life mermaid @ashedryden At the intersection

    of tech and culture, ending programmer apocrypha. ! Patron Saint of Catmoms.
  3. @ashedryden

  4. @ashedryden people: the hardest problem in computer science

  5. @ashedryden

  6. @ashedryden why?

  7. @ashedryden participation

  8. @ashedryden evolution

  9. @ashedryden specialization

  10. @ashedryden oss now

  11. @ashedryden homogenous

  12. @ashedryden 1.5% of contributors are women

  13. @ashedryden ???% of contributors are people of color, LGBTQ, etc

  14. @ashedryden why so low?

  15. @ashedryden time

  16. @ashedryden pay inequality

  17. @ashedryden few compensated for OSS

  18. @ashedryden poor treatment

  19. @ashedryden “Mostly I fear the excessive spotlight for being a

    sole female programmer on a publicly available project. In light of how women are treated on the internet, this fear does not seem unreasonable.”
  20. @ashedryden what can i do?

  21. @ashedryden make it obvious

  22. @ashedryden

  23. @ashedryden be inclusive

  24. @ashedryden

  25. @ashedryden make it easy

  26. @ashedryden

  27. @ashedryden be vulnerable

  28. @ashedryden

  29. @ashedryden be patient

  30. @ashedryden “before I respond to an issue, I check their

    github profile to see their level of understanding.”
  31. @ashedryden be helpful

  32. @ashedryden “even nice, smart people do unhelpful things.” @li3n3

  33. @ashedryden

  34. @ashedryden make it safe

  35. @ashedryden pay for it

  36. @ashedryden support! Rails Girls Summer of Code ! Google

    Summer of Code ! Gnome’s Outreach Program OutreachProgramForWomen
  37. @ashedryden volunteer

  38. @ashedryden resources The Ethics of Unpaid Labor + OSS

    ! Middleman ! Bundler Code of Conduct ! Contributor Covenant
  39. @ashedryden thanks! @ashedryden