Open Source Isn't for Everyone (but it could be)

29ff20a2ac375ff989f3bff70b71b23d?s=47 Ashe Dryden
February 20, 2014

Open Source Isn't for Everyone (but it could be)

The state of diversity in open source contributions is abysmal. With the number of female OSS contributors at a shockingly low 1.5% and other groups not even documented, we need to ask what we can be doing better as a community. We’ll discuss the barriers that people face contributing to our open source projects and what we can do to increase participation.


Ashe Dryden

February 20, 2014


  1. @ashedryden open source isn’t for everyone (but it could be)

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  3. @ashedryden

  4. @ashedryden people: the hardest problem in computer science

  5. @ashedryden oss now

  6. @ashedryden 1.5% of contributors are women

  7. @ashedryden ???% of contributors are people of color, LGBTQ, etc

  8. @ashedryden why so low?

  9. @ashedryden time

  10. @ashedryden pay inequality

  11. @ashedryden few compensated for OSS

  12. @ashedryden poor treatment

  13. @ashedryden “Mostly I fear the excessive spotlight for being a

    sole female programmer on a publicly available project. In light of how women are treated on the internet, this fear does not seem unreasonable.”
  14. @ashedryden what can i do?

  15. @ashedryden make it obvious

  16. @ashedryden

  17. @ashedryden make it easy

  18. @ashedryden be vulnerable

  19. @ashedryden

  20. @ashedryden be patient

  21. @ashedryden “before I respond to an issue, I check their

    github profile to see their level of understanding.”
  22. @ashedryden be helpful

  23. @ashedryden “even nice, smart people do unhelpful things.” @li3n3

  24. @ashedryden

  25. @ashedryden make it safe

  26. @ashedryden pay for it

  27. @ashedryden volunteer

  28. @ashedryden resources The Ethics of Unpaid Labor + OSS

    Middleman Bundler Code of Conduct Contributor Covenant
  29. @ashedryden thanks! @ashedryden