Media Lab Transitions from Typing to Digital Media Powerhouses (CCUMC 2013)

Media Lab Transitions from Typing to Digital Media Powerhouses (CCUMC 2013)

Over the past ten years, the face of the campus computer lab has dramatically changed from locations that filled a need to surf the Internet and type research papers to being the one-stop-shop for digital media. For many institutions, this transition has come easily, while others were met with challenges.

At Loyola University Chicago, Digital Media Services has a strong emphasis on integrating resources for our faculty, staff, and students at an institutional level. This session will highlight how Loyola transitioned a number of its computer labs from smaller pocket lab locations to powerhouse Digital Media Labs with practical takeaways for implementation at attendees’ campuses.

Attendees reviewed our processes and recommendations for implementing a Digital Media Lab and Equipment Loan Program. This included a presentation of the current space, including policies and practices, reviewing planning documents, the evolution of the program, feedback surveys, equipment in the program, as well as current student feedback. Participants received e-resources with take-away items that could be implemented in their current environment.


Adam Smeets

October 10, 2013