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Applying for the Google Ad Grant

Applying for the Google Ad Grant

Real-life Scenarios and How To Fix Them


May 18, 2023

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  1. What is the Google Ad Grant? $10,000 USD per month

    in in-kind search advertising to promote your nonprofit
  2. Eligibility 501(c)3 with a good website Schools and higher education

    institutions Governmental organizations Hospitals and healthcare organizations
  3. Application Process Register with TechSoup (or local alternative) Register with

    Google for Nonprofits Activate your Google Ad Grant!
  4. Problem #1: Someone at your organization has already registered with

    TechSoup / Google for Nonprofits Solutions: Recovering passwords – if you can do this easily, this is actually a pretty minor problem! • If you have the passwords at your organization, use those to log in and add your email to your organization’s account. • If you don’t, you’ll have to request access from TechSoup or Google support. They’ll send you instructions to verify your role in your organization and regain access.
  5. Problem #2: You’ve already set up a paid account for

    Google Ads Solution: This is actually not a problem! You’re allowed to run a paid Google Ads account and a Google Ad Grant account simultaneously. Things to watch out for: • Circumventing systems errors • Zombie paid ads that are eating up a budget without purpose • Not getting stuck in campaign creation mode
  6. Problem #3: Google rejected your Ad Grant application, but you’re

    pretty sure you’re qualified Solution: Try, try again! The reason we recommend applying for TechSoup first is because in our experience, they do a more thorough job vetting than Google. Try applying with TechSoup first, then re-doing your Google for Nonprofits application.
  7. Problem #4: I can’t activate my Google Ad Grant! Solution:

    You may have to request a new link. They don’t mention it anywhere in the emails or on their website, but the links Google sends to activate your Ad Grant do expire. The most common error we run into is people taking too long to activate the Grant and letting the link expire. If this happens to you, note your customer ID and send Google Support a request for a new link.
  8. Here’s how to ensure a smooth application process • Check

    within your organization first – are there existing accounts you should be aware of? Do you have the necessary passwords? • If you’re starting from the beginning, complete the steps in order – TechSoup, then Google for Nonprofits, then activate the Google Ad Grant. • Once you receive the confirmation from Google, you should act on it quickly, since the links expire. Remember, it’s free money – there’s very little damage you can do! • Make sure you read and understand the program requirements. When in doubt, give it a shot and if you get stuck, you can always reach out to a professional!