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Auction & Event Fundraising Made Easy: Sports Collectibles & Pop Culture Memorabilia

October 14, 2022

Auction & Event Fundraising Made Easy: Sports Collectibles & Pop Culture Memorabilia

Good procurement letter
Who, when and how
Online donations
Fill the catalog

Q+A and a post webinar goody


October 14, 2022

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  1. All about DSC Since being founded in 1993 DSC Consulting

    has been on a mission to provide incredible memorabilia and experiences to help raise funds for great causes. All of our no risk auction items and packages have the purpose of making a real difference for the charities that utilize them. Every one of our no risk items and packages, including hand signed, authenticated sports and celebrity memorabilia and unforgettable experiences are designed to generate excitement among your supporters and most importantly, to generate funds for your organization. Using our program is free. There are no fees or out of pocket costs and no transactions take place until the conclusion of your auction, at which time you only pay for the items and packages that were sold. If bidding on an item or package does not reach the reserve price, you pay nothing. For each item or package that sells 100% of the funds above the low wholesale price are donated to your organization. You can sell most items and packages multiple times, allowing you to multiply the funds raised for your organization. That's how we deliver excellent results to amazing causes.Since being founded in 1993 DSC Consulting has been on a mission to provide incredible memorabilia and experiences to help raise funds for great causes. All of our no risk auction items and packages have the purpose of making a real difference for the charities that utilize them.
  2. Our Gift to You A trading card featuring a sports

    legend or celebrity! Each card has a photograph of the sports great or celebrity and a digital (printed) signature. Possible cards that you may receive include Kobe Bryant, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Jackie Robinson, Mickey Mantle, Marilyn Monroe, Walt Disney, and others
  3. Agenda: Finding the Good Stuff 1. Good procurement letter 2.

    Who, when and how 3. Online donations 4. Fill the catalog Q+A and a post webinar goody
  4. How do we find the good stuff? The ‘good stuff’

    are items that will open the wallets (and hearts) of YOUR audience.
  5. Procurement Letter Basics Answer the question “What does the donor

    get out of it?” • Be nice • Be short • Be direct • Single page • Include ALL key information • Call to action
  6. Procurement Letter: Concepts Lead with your mission Short and sweet

    Call to action Personal contact information Branded Online information
  7. Procurement Letter Tips #1 • Print copies and leave everywhere

    • When you have your board or volunteer meetings bring the printed letters • Online presence, as a PDF • Letter online and email with links • Learn more about your event and cause • How to donate (make it easy!) • As donations come in thank and celebrate, tagging on social media Keep multiple copies of the letter in the car so you have one at your fingertips at all times!
  8. Who, When & How to Ask Ask everyone! • Ask

    your vendors and your organization’s vendors • Ask employees, volunteers, parents, supporters • Ask when you making a purchase at the establishment • Online donation requests
  9. Who Tip #1 Know who donates. Keep your eyes open!

    • Local charity auctions • Groupon, FB, IG ads that pop up (they have marketing budgets!) • Every professional sports team donates, most collegiate sports donate, many local • Direct requests to companies • Retail and don’t overlook services
  10. When Tip #2 More likely to get a yes when

    you are patron spending money • Ask when the cart is full • Ask while you are dining, buying, picking up or dropping off
  11. How Tip #2 If you are intimidated to ask, delegate

    and ask for help • Lead with your mission • Once you get that first yes it gets much easier • Donors beget donors, ask if any others would consider donating • What does the donor get out of it • Ask in the format requested (email, in-person, online, HQ)
  12. Finding Donations Online Online Requests • ALWAYS have a procurement

    letter available • Many request additional information for verification such as tax id number, or school number • Larger organizations and institutions will utilize an online request only
  13. • Auctria’s Pinterest Boards 500 pins that go directly to

    donation request pages ◦ General goods and services ◦ Sports ◦ Family and entertainment • Google search NAME + online donation
  14. Fill the Catalog Make the auction catalog shimmer and shine

    with no risk auction items • Celebrity • Sports • Collectibles • Unique items
  15. Tip #1: Conduct Research The first step to planning a

    successful auction is to conduct some research to determine which type of items are likely to be the most popular. A great first step is to create a brief survey asking your supporters to provide feedback about the types of items they’d most like to see. Another effective strategy is to carefully review results from the previous year’s auction to determine the most popular type of items. Conducting this research early in the planning process will generate great results and save a lot of time later on.
  16. Tip #2: Develop Strategies to Procure Items The next step

    is to create a game plan for how you will acquire these items. Utilize the power of relationships to find the most exciting items. Let your supporters know what categories of items you are looking for and ask for their assistance. Reach out to your local pro and college sports teams. Many of them have programs to donate memorabilia and/or tickets to local charities. Cold call local businesses to demonstrate the value that they will receive by donating an auction item.
  17. Tip #3: Market Auction Items on Social Media As you

    begin to acquire items for your auction start featuring them on social media. Each post should include the name of an auction item, a description, and an image. Having hiqh quality images is essential. Encourage your supporters and followers on social media to like and share this content. This is a great way to generate excitement about your auction.
  18. Tip #4: Feature An Online Auction & Mobile Bidding Organizations

    that provide people with the ability to bid on items online typically generate 30-40% more funds than those that use paper bid sheets. Using an online platform increases the funds raised from those who attend your event because they can place bids using their smartphones. Another benefit to having an online component is that people can place bids and purchase items even if they can’t attend in person. Making a reasonable investment in this area is likely to pay great rewards in the form of increased donations and an easier, more streamlined process.
  19. Tip #5: Sell Items Multiple Times Whenever possible, feature items

    that can be sold to multiple winning bidders. This will greatly increase the amount of money coming in without making the mistake of watering down the auction by having too many items. If you are working with consignment companies ask them if their items can be sold multiple times. If you are having a live auction be sure to let your auctioneer know the available quantity of each item.
  20. No Risk Items: Real Life Examples Popular types of no

    risk (consignment) items include sports and celebrity memorabilia, unforgettable experiences, and artwork.
  21. DSC’s Most Popular Auction Items - 2022 Hand Signed Guitars

    Unforgettable Experiences Bidder’s Choice Packages Mystery Boxes Star Wars Memorabilia Sports Cards
  22. Stay in Touch with Auctria @auctria Email: [email protected] FB Group:

    Auction Team Talk Weekly demos: auctria.com/auctria-demos/
  23. What others are saying Easy to use. Surprisingly affordable. Attractive,

    simple to use for the bidders. Michael Custom custom custom, no other auction software I have used has allowed for the level of customization as this one. Fits a variety of clients. Barry We like Auctria and have been using it for our auctions twice a year for almost 8 years. Auctria is very user friendly and intuitive. I love the ability to host a silent online auction with online bidding. Or the option to have the silent auction bidding done via text messaging. Sara