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Impact Measurement 101: How Impact Measurement Helps You Raise Money and Raise Awareness

Impact Measurement 101: How Impact Measurement Helps You Raise Money and Raise Awareness


March 05, 2024

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  1. Start with the End in Mind • Increase funding •

    Improve outcomes • Strengthen impact story
  2. IMPACT: Back to the Basics • Impact is proving that

    you are achieving lasting social change • Impact must be demonstrated • Impact requires DATA
  3. Which Program Would You Fund? Provided recreational services to 100

    underprivileged youth. Through recreational programs serving 100 youth, we improved on average the reading comprehension by two grade levels. Kept 99% of at-risk youth served in school and 100% out of the juvenile justice system. For every $500 donated, the lifetime earning potential of one child is increased by $289,000. Outputs Only Statement of Impact Outputs Only Statement of Impact #1 #2
  4. Clarifying Tool: The Five Whys Exercise • Why do you

    do what you do? ◦ Why, so that… (5 times) • Why do your funders/partners want to partner with you? • Why do your participants/clients participate? What do they hope to accomplish?
  5. Present data in a way that inspires. Celebrate success. Focus

    on credibility. Present concrete facts. Share unexpected outcomes. Remember the emotion. Impact Story
  6. What is Your Impact Story? How are people better off

    because of the services and programs you provide? Clearly defined outcomes # of people who successfully achieved outcomes How much your program costs IMPACT + + =
  7. Example Impact Statements Mental Health and Recovery • 82% of

    clients reported having a better understanding of addiction and recovery services offered • 76% of clients achieved treatment outcomes • 91% of clients reported reduced barriers to accessing services Affordable Housing Provider • 91% of participants were able to increase or maintain safe, affordable, quality housing • 83% of participants achieved positive income stability • 88% of participants reported increased hope for the future for themselves and/or their family
  8. Outputs & Outcomes Together Allows Us to Move the Needle

    Residents who receive case management services are 2.1 times as likely to have a successful/no fault moveout reason as compared to residents who do not have case management.
  9. Multiple Outcomes Demonstrate the Complex Story INCREASED EARNINGS: Residents are

    earning: $116 more a month compared to 2017 IMPROVED ACCESS TO HEALTH CARE: 50% improvement in health care coverage IMPROVED FAMILY RELATIONS: 46% of residents improved in this domain in 2018 SUCCESSFUL MOVEOUT: 60% have “successful/no fault EVICTION RATES: 60% moveouts in Restore OC in 2018 were due to eviction INCREASED JOB SKILLS: 74% of Pathlight Kitchen students received their ServSafe food handler management certification INCREASED EMPLOYEE RETENTION: 85% of students maintained or obtained employment six months after participating
  10. Event and Auction Fundraisers with Website Presence In Person Event

    & Party • Silent & Live preview pages • Mobile bidding • Tickets • Tables • Raffles • Paddle raise, fund a need • At event sales Online Auction & Fundraising • Online bidding, Bid Extension and Max Bidding • Online donations • System generated emails
  11. Auctria does it all, with integrated credit card service Designed

    to help you raise more money! • Merchandise sales • Buy-in parties • Text-2-donate • Sell sponsors on event website • Recognize sponsors on event website • Peer-2-peer lite Designed to help you raise awareness! • Tell your story with branding, colors, headers & text • Images • Video • Social media links • QR code for quick access
  12. What others are saying Easy to use. Surprisingly affordable. Attractive,

    simple to use for the bidders. Michael Custom custom custom, no other auction software I have used has allowed for the level of customization as this one. Fits a variety of clients. Barry We like Auctria and have been using it for our auctions twice a year for almost 8 years. Auctria is very user friendly and intuitive. I love the ability to host a silent online auction with online bidding. Or the option to have the silent auction bidding done via text messaging. Sara