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Studies of our Milky Way and galaxies beyond

Studies of our Milky Way and galaxies beyond

Outreach talk presented at the University of Hertfordshire's annual court meeting.
(Credit: the introduction is strongly inspired by Jill Tarter's talks.)


Geert Barentsen

June 24, 2013


  1. Studies of our Milky Way and galaxies beyond Dr Geert

    Barentsen & Prof Martin Hardcastle
  2. You are here.

  3. Here.

  4. Here.

  5. Here.

  6. UH Centre for Astrophysics Research

  7. Ceci n`est pas une galaxie.

  8. 300 billion stars How were they formed? Are they like

    our Sun? When will they die?
  9. The light of a massive star

  10. The light of a Sun-like star

  11. The light of a low-mass star

  12. INT (Spain) VST (Chile) UKIRT (Hawaii) VISTA (Chile) JCMT (Hawaii)

    Herschel (Space) Prof Janet Drew Dr Phil Lucas Dr Mark Thompson We are mapping our galaxy using world-class facilities
  13. INT Photometric H-Alpha Survey (IPHAS) www.iphas.org VST Photometric H-Alpha Survey

    (VPHAS) www.vphasplus.org
  14. Roque de los Muchachos Observatory La Palma, Canary Islands (2.4

    km altitude) INT
  15. None
  16. 32 Megapixel detector => Used to make 91 000 images

  17. VST European Southern Observatory (ESO) Atacama Desert, Chile (2.6 km

  18. 256 Megapixel detector

  19. A single image ...

  20. g’ r’ u’ i’ Hα Filters are placed in front

    of the detector to look at specific wavelengths of light
  21. NGC 3293 VPHAS u’

  22. NGC 3293 VPHAS H-alpha

  23. NGC 3293 / NGC 3324 Credit: Hywel Farnhill

  24. Key facts • We are mapping our galaxy in 5

    wavelengths. • Unprecedented resolution (600 gigapixel). • Unprecedented sensitivity (> 1 million human eyes). • International collaboration led by researchers at the University of Hertfordshire, funded by external grants. • Local students can participate as part of their course (i.e. BSc, MSc or PhD research projects.)
  25. Stars

  26. Very hot star Our team discovered 160 newly forming stars

    in this region => one of 48 peer-reviewed scientific publications so far.
  27. Discovery of the “Necklace Nebula”: a star in the last

    phase of its life.
  28. NGC 2244 (3°×2°) IPHAS H-alpha Credit: Nick Wright

  29. NGC 2237 (30’×20’) IPHAS H-alpha Credit: Nick Wright

  30. IC 1396 (30’×20’) IPHAS Ha+r+i Credit: Nick Wright

  31. Galactic cartography

  32. Next step: the GAIA mission - to be launched in

    October this year; - will measure the distance to 1 billion stars; - significant involvement of UK industry. Credit: European Space Agency
  33. Ceci est une galaxie!