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CIDER: Inside the Brewery

CIDER: Inside the Brewery

Slide deck from my presentation at Clojure/West 2016.

Bozhidar Batsov

April 28, 2016

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  1. M-x

  2. Primary Clojure dev environment? (2014) Other 13% LT 12% CCW

    5% fireplace 14% Cursive 14% CIDER 42%
  3. 10%

  4. CIDER changed my life! I used to go to horror

    movies to get an adrenaline rush - now I simply upgrade CIDER! — Alex Killer
  5. Using CIDER on a daily basis improved my piano playing

    skills tenfold. 6-8 key Emacs keybindings require some serious hand and finger coordination. — Bridget Mxyer
  6. Half the things in Emacs and CIDER seem magic to

    me. Every time I use them I feel like a wizard! — Anna Parenlicka