The Digital Barn: Transforming your online presence

C1966d3b0a13043a305b7cb341023cbb?s=47 Bea Marshall
September 22, 2012

The Digital Barn: Transforming your online presence

A 30 minute talk for an audience of digital start-ups and small businesses. Looking at tips and tricks for creating an effective online presence (with clients in mind), why ROI is not just about the money and the real cost of investing in your digital presence.


Bea Marshall

September 22, 2012


  1. Transforming your online presence Bea Marshall - @beamoogaloo #digitalbarn Friday,

    21 September 12
  2. Don’t just trust anyone! • Often described as a creative

    genius • Dedicate myself to a barefoot lifestyle • Home educate my children • Was once a professional belly dancer • Spent my school holidays pretending my bike was a pony Friday, 21 September 12
  3. Get a recommendation “Bea's independent enough to see the truth

    and creative enough to see the solution.” John Allsopp Friday, 21 September 12
  4. Spot the difference Friday, 21 September 12

  5. Tip #1 Be goal-focused! 3 key questions 1 vital test!

    Friday, 21 September 12
  6. Tip #1 Be goal-focused! Friday, 21 September 12

  7. Tip #2 Be user-friendly! Remember... Don't make me think!!! Friday,

    21 September 12
  8. Tip #2 Be user-friendly Friday, 21 September 12

  9. Tip #3 Invite people to come in... ...not just window

    shop! Friday, 21 September 12
  10. Tip #3 Invite people to come in Friday, 21 September

  11. Tip #4 Ask 'why?' & 'what?' a lot!  Content

     Graphics Friday, 21 September 12
  12. Tip #4 Ask “why?” & “what?” a lot! Friday, 21

    September 12
  13. Tip #5 Drive traffic to your site!  Be creative

     Don't waste time & money Friday, 21 September 12
  14. Tip #5 Drive people to your site! "Social media is

    like teen sex. Everyone wants to do it. No one actually knows how. When finally done, there is surprise it's not better." As overheard & tweeted by Avinash Kaushick, Google Analytics Evangelist Friday, 21 September 12
  15. What about ROI? •It’s not only about the money. •

    How we benefit as a result of a strategic online presence: When it’s great we have confidence in ourselves and our business When we know it’s honest we gain trust Active social media shares our brand and its story We gain advantage over competitors Our online presence stays current and active - great for SEO Friday, 21 September 12
  16. How much is this going to cost? Imagine... A priceless

    member of staff: • Never takes time off • Never gets ill • Never gets pregnant • Never goes on holiday • Works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week • Always does what you need when you need • Always stays on top of company changes • Shares your brand and your products or service in the best way possible And all you need to do to have that member of staff is: • Spend time and money recruiting the right person • Spend time and money training them well • Spend time with them regularly • Ensure that they have frequent updates about the business • Keep up to date with their personal & professional development • Introduce them to happy customers, new staff and new projects • Treat them to a make over every couple of years Friday, 21 September 12
  17. Almost done... • Stay goal-focused • Make your online presence

    a place people want to be • Ensure it’s easy for people to buy from you • Remember, your online presence is more than a website. • Invest time, energy and money to reap financial and qualitative ROI Friday, 21 September 12
  18. Thank you! Friday, 21 September 12