For Sheffield Enterprise Agency: Developing a Digital Marketing plan and procuring a website. What to consider?

For Sheffield Enterprise Agency: Developing a Digital Marketing plan and procuring a website. What to consider?

A series of slides for a 3 hour workshop for business start ups. This is intentionally a backbone for discussion and delegate-led delivery.


Bea Marshall

April 04, 2013


  1. Bea Marshall @bea_the_tree Developing a Digital Marketing plan and

    procuring a website. What to consider? Wednesday, 3 April 13
  2. Who am I? Wednesday, 3 April 13

  3. Bea Marshall Speaker Mother Sister Daughter Friend Barefooter Consultant Runner

    Knitter Cook Wednesday, 3 April 13
  4. And... Business Woman Wednesday, 3 April 13

  5. Who are you? Wednesday, 3 April 13

  6. What makes a brand successful? What do you know about

    them? How do they make you feel? What's their message? Wednesday, 3 April 13
  7. What do you mean, Digital Marketing plan? Wednesday, 3 April

  8. Your web presence... Website Social Media & networking Newsletters Industry

    specific communities Email signature and style Video & Photography Online press Wednesday, 3 April 13
  9. Help, I need a strategy Goals Audience Activity Wednesday, 3

    April 13
  10. If your brand was a person, describe them in 5

    words. If your brand was a person what would they wear? How does someone feel when they spend time with your brand, assuming they are a person? Wednesday, 3 April 13
  11. Tell your brand story The foundation of your business, assuming

    you have a great product/ service. “People's lives don't revolve around your brand, they revolve around life.” Mike Arauz Wednesday, 3 April 13
  12. Do I need a website? Why do I need one?

    How will I use it? Who will look at it? What will it do for me? Is it the best use of my money? Wednesday, 3 April 13
  13. Where do I start? What do I need? How do

    I choose a web designer? How much shall I budget? Maybe I could do it myself? Wednesday, 3 April 13
  14. I want to get a website Future-proof Google-friendly Usability (UX)

    Responsive = Responsible Wednesday, 3 April 13
  15. What’s available? Bespoke design vs Template Bespoke Build vs Off

    the Shelf Integrated blog vs Separate platform Integrated shop vs 3rd Party Content Mgt vs Static Wednesday, 3 April 13
  16. What am I paying for? Time -- Expertise -- Understanding

    Advice -- Knowledge -- Research -- Skill -- Opinion -- Results NOT to be the designer Wednesday, 3 April 13
  17. Myths & hidden costs Number of pages Number of amends/changes

    I must have a website Ongoing maintenance Hosting and Domain Name SSL certificates (security) 3rd party fees Post-launch rates Wednesday, 3 April 13
  18. How to choose a web designer Look at their own

    website Look at their portfolio Talk to their clients Gut instinct Talk to them directly Do they ask “Do you know what you want?”? Source 3 proposals/quotes Wednesday, 3 April 13
  19. How much should I spend? How long is a piece

    of string? Your website as a member of staff Not a one-off payment Could ‘my mate’ deliver your product/service as well as you for free/cheap? Wednesday, 3 April 13
  20. Tip #1 Be goal-focused!  3 key questions  1

    vital test!  Measure it. Wednesday, 3 April 13
  21. Tip #1 Be goal-focused! Wednesday, 3 April 13

  22. Tip #2 Be user-friendly! Remember... Don't make me think!!! Wednesday,

    3 April 13
  23. Tip #2 Be user-friendly Wednesday, 3 April 13

  24. Tip #3 Invite people to come in... ...not just window

    shop! Wednesday, 3 April 13
  25. Tip #3 Invite people to come in Wednesday, 3 April

  26. Tip #4 Ask 'why?' & 'what?' a lot!  Content

     Graphics Wednesday, 3 April 13
  27. Tip #4 Ask “why?” & “what?” a lot! Wednesday, 3

    April 13
  28. Tip #5 Drive traffic to your brand!  Be creative

     Don't waste time & money Wednesday, 3 April 13
  29. Tip #5 Drive people to your site! "Social media is

    like teen sex. Everyone wants to do it. No one actually knows how. When finally done, there is surprise it's not better." As overheard & tweeted by Avinash Kaushick, Google Analytics Evangelist Wednesday, 3 April 13
  30. Social media tips: Who are you talking to? What is

    your goal? How many words do you have? What is their best response? How do you want to measure it? Wednesday, 3 April 13
  31. Creativity in business Your competition is everyone else. Creativity gives

    you the edge on your competitors. Wednesday, 3 April 13
  32. Wednesday, 3 April 13

  33. “Think lateral not literal Be inspirational not informational” Steve Edge

    Wednesday, 3 April 13
  34. Communicate creativity in your industry / sector. Do it differently

    Act with authenticity Be memorable Find your voice Wednesday, 3 April 13
  35. Top tips from tweeters... @Copperchunk: @BeaTheTree get your own domain

    and choose wisely, everything else can be changed easily but the domain is hard to do @oh_gosh: @BeaTheTree get a holding page up so google cache's something on the domain. And don't try and overcrowd the site! @BespokeMax: @BeaTheTree Online is your 24/7 shop. Make sure people can find the answers to their questions when you are not around. Wednesday, 3 April 13