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Adventures in Service Design and everything else

196a4242eecbd120dcb4cd9a80899e34?s=47 Ben Holliday
March 11, 2016

Adventures in Service Design and everything else

Service Design in Government 2016 keynote talk


Ben Holliday

March 11, 2016

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  1. @benholliday #sdingov Service Design in Government 2016 Adventures in 

    Service Design and everything else
  2. @benholliday #sdingov Hello!

  3. @benholliday #sdingov 2001 - Graphic Design 2003 - Digital Design

    2008 - User Experience 2013 - User Research 2014 - Interaction Design 2016 - Service Design
  4. @benholliday #sdingov

  5. @benholliday #sdingov @kevincunnington

  6. @benholliday #sdingov Starting with business transformation

  7. @benholliday #sdingov User experience is 
 everyone’s job

  8. @benholliday #sdingov To deliver a great user experience… we need

    to get the design right we need to get the strategy right we need to get the organisation right
  9. @benholliday #sdingov DWP DIGITAL ACADEMY

  10. @benholliday #sdingov

  11. @benholliday #sdingov

  12. @benholliday #sdingov Being bold means bringing your whole self to

    the situation and engaging fully with it Janet Hughes (GDS)
  13. @benholliday #sdingov Thinking and doing 
 things differently

  14. @benholliday #sdingov We need space for irrational thought and that

    space is creativity
  15. @benholliday #sdingov The biggest problem 
 in government is boxes

  16. @benholliday #sdingov

  17. @benholliday #sdingov Big boxes: 
 departments, policy, strategy, operations, technology

  18. @benholliday #sdingov Small boxes: management tiers, organisational structures, fixed processes

  19. @benholliday #sdingov Check your State Pension Find pension contact details

    Get your State Pension
  20. @benholliday #sdingov 1. Services organised around paying or 

    people to get their pension 2. Policy is about people being better 
 prepared for retirement 3. Most people need to think about pensions 
 at 35 not aged 55 or 65 Retirement Provision
  21. @benholliday #sdingov

  22. @benholliday #sdingov What does government need to do earlier to

    help people get on with their lives later?
  23. @benholliday #sdingov

  24. @benholliday #sdingov Design Technology Operations

  25. @benholliday #sdingov

  26. @benholliday #sdingov

  27. @benholliday #sdingov To a user, a service is simple. It’s

    something that helps them to do something Louise Downe (GDS)
  28. @benholliday #sdingov …a lot of what we seem to be

    doing is getting design out of the way Jonny Ive (Apple)
  29. @benholliday #sdingov

  30. @benholliday #sdingov

  31. @benholliday #sdingov The problem is the view from 30 thousand

  32. @benholliday #sdingov

  33. @benholliday #sdingov Has anyone thought about what it’s really like

    to have to use this service?
  34. @benholliday #sdingov

  35. @benholliday #sdingov

  36. @benholliday #sdingov Design services for the user experience

  37. @benholliday #sdingov A policy is not words in 

    Whitehall paper. It’s the real- world experience people have of resulting services, and what they then do Tom Loosemore
  38. @benholliday #sdingov

  39. @benholliday #sdingov The energy we spend talking about something is

    the same energy we need to do something
  40. @benholliday #sdingov

  41. @benholliday #sdingov The biggest challenge 
 for service design in

    government is not having all the answers before 
 we start
  42. @benholliday #sdingov …don’t forget how fast things change, how quickly

    people change what they do as they conform and shape themselves from all that’s around them Tony Benn
  43. @benholliday #sdingov 1. Why are we doing this work? 2.

    Who are our users? 3. What outcome will users get from this service? 4. What outcome are we looking for? 5. What are our key metrics? benholliday.com/frame-the-problem
  44. @benholliday #sdingov Start with the problem

  45. @benholliday #sdingov Iterate fast to see 
 what works

  46. @benholliday #sdingov

  47. @benholliday #sdingov

  48. @benholliday #sdingov Successful products 
 and services come from countless

    small acts 
 of failure
  49. @benholliday #sdingov Everything else-ness

  50. @benholliday #sdingov flickr.com/photos/Steven Pisano

  51. @benholliday #sdingov Can design add value or help us communicate

    more clearly, concisely, or be more consistent? benholliday.com/broken-windows
  52. @benholliday #sdingov Services not projects, products or features

  53. @benholliday #sdingov GOV.UK HEALTH & DISABILITY Employment Support Allowance (ESA)

    Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Access to Work Budgeting Loans Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit Carer’s Allowance
  54. @benholliday #sdingov

  55. @benholliday #sdingov User need: as someone with a health condition

    or disability I need support to live independently
  56. @benholliday #sdingov GOV.UK Employment Support Allowance (ESA) Personal Independence Payment

    (PIP) Access to Work Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit Carer’s Allowance Work, health & disability: “…tell us about your situation” start here
  57. @benholliday #sdingov Programme change and new initiatives are inevitable. Service

    patterns should function independently
  58. @benholliday #sdingov gds.blog.gov.uk/government-as-a-platform-for-the-rest-of-us

  59. @benholliday #sdingov Transformation starts 
 with small actions

  60. @benholliday #sdingov Everything is built on small moments. How we

    work to deliver better services and the experiences we’re designing for
  61. @benholliday #sdingov

  62. @benholliday #sdingov

  63. @benholliday #sdingov flickr.com/photos/mikebogdan

  64. @benholliday #sdingov Transformation of government services shouldn’t leave anyone behind

  65. @benholliday #sdingov

  66. @benholliday #sdingov 1. Transformation starts small 2. It takes a

    shift in culture 3. It looks for ‘service’ patterns 4. It builds momentum through doing 5. It starts and ends with people Adventures in Service Design
  67. @benholliday #sdingov Are you prepared to get to know someone

    well enough to see how government really works for them?
  68. @benholliday #sdingov [keep going]

  69. @benholliday #sdingov ben.holliday@dwp.gsi.gov.uk benholliday.com @benholliday dwpdigital.blog.gov.uk @digitaldwp