Building a user centred design community

196a4242eecbd120dcb4cd9a80899e34?s=47 Ben Holliday
February 10, 2017

Building a user centred design community

Talk for the #govdesign meet up in London - 10 February 2017


Ben Holliday

February 10, 2017


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    @benholliday #govdesign Everything we do is about changing lives by

    providing security, extending opportunity and giving people in our society the support they need
  2. 4.

    @benholliday #govdesign This is still the real challenge: A government

    that delivers services in order to organise itself around the needs 
 of its users
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    @benholliday #govdesign UK’s largest public service department Design team of

    40+ people specialising in service design, interaction design, content design and front end development
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    @benholliday #govdesign 1. Make sure everyone can talk to each

    other 2. Give everyone the opportunity to meet face-to-face 3. Encourage everyone to work in the open
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    @benholliday #govdesign Everyone should be able to 
 talk about

    their work. This gives visibility to everything that we’re working on, and encourages collaboration
  6. 20.

    @benholliday #govdesign The goal should be to remove anything, including

    language, that creates barriers when working on a public service
  7. 22.

    @benholliday #govdesign Framing the problem is a process of reduction.

    Starting conversations. Creating understanding 
 and opportunities.
  8. 24.

    @benholliday #govdesign The secret to getting things done: being pragmatic

    (you can’t win every battle today), and optimistic (everything is worth fighting for)
  9. 26.

    @benholliday #govdesign Design at its best frames the unusual and

    celebrates diversity. Its mistakes make it human. It’s made up of complex emotions
  10. 27.

    @benholliday #govdesign … creative organisations prioritise rituals of doing; the

    least creative organisations prioritise rituals of saying, the most common of which is the meeting Kevin Ashton (How to Fly a Horse)
  11. 30.

    @benholliday #govdesign …move from ‘everyone wants to solve the problem’

    to ‘everyone wants the problem to be solved’
  12. 33.

    @benholliday #govdesign …the more seriously we take things the more

    ridged or unimaginative our work can become