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Camp Digital 2015 - Why design matters

196a4242eecbd120dcb4cd9a80899e34?s=47 Ben Holliday
April 23, 2015

Camp Digital 2015 - Why design matters

How a design-led process delivers better digital services.


Ben Holliday

April 23, 2015


  1. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday Why design matters. How a design-led

    process delivers better digital services.
  2. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday

  3. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday Science, industry, and design

  4. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday Why design matters. It’s the difference

    between delivering services that meet user needs, and just delivering ‘digital’.
  5. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday 1, 2, 3, 7, 23. There

    isn’t a fixed set of steps you can follow when designing digital products or services.

  6. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday

  7. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday A ‘parti’ is the central idea

    or concept of a building.
  8. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday ica.org.uk

  9. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday

  10. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday The hardest part is deciding what

    to do. We rely on a combination of good judgement and intuition when working with complex subjects.
  11. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday Exposure hours. The number of hours

    each team member is exposed directly to real users interacting with the team’s designs. Jared Spool uie.com/articles/user_exposure_hours
  12. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday User research front 
 and center.

    We rely on experience and judgement knowing we won’t be right all the time, but this means we’re never just guessing.
  13. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday A deeper understanding of users directly

    influences our instinctive, and intuitive decision making.
  14. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday Dealing with complexity. When a solution

    helps users navigate something inherently complex, we prevent our product becoming complicated.
  15. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday freeagent.com

  16. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday

  17. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday

  18. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday

  19. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday

  20. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday Why design matters. The job of

    designers is to help our teams, and ultimately users, navigate complexity.

  21. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday

  22. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday Living with context. Everything, everywhere moves.


  23. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday “don’t forget how fast things change,

    how quickly people change what they do as they conform and shape themselves from all that’s around them”
  24. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday Making design deliberate. Design needs to

    happen somewhere between ‘what we know’ and deciding ‘what we’re going to do’.
  25. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday Doing it again ‘with feeling’. Emotion

    helps us to navigate complexity.

  26. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday “emotion lets us feel our way

    through situations that are too complex to think through” - Marty Neumeier “emotion lets us feel our way through situations that are too complex to think through”
  27. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday Designers learn to purposefully embrace intuitive

    or inferential leaps of logic, and to use sketching and drawing as a way of solving problems.
  28. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday The importance of insights. Designers need

    something tangible and actionable to get hold of from each round of user research.

  29. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday Insights should feel simple because they

    are simple. They should also be provocative – this is what makes them actionable.
  30. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday All design is hypothesis driven. The

    real question is if we articulate, agree, and write down assumptions or do this intuitively as individuals.
  31. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday Because I think [this] is true

    I think that doing 
 [this] will mean [this will happen].
  32. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday Reckon Prediction Theory Guess / Best

    guess Assumption Punt Givens User statement
  33. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday Each design is a proposed business

    solution – a hypothesis. Your goal is to validate the proposed solution as efficiently as possible by using customer feedback.
  34. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday We believe [this statement is true].

    We will know we're [right/wrong] when we see the following feedback from the market: [qualitative feedback] and/or [quantitive feedback] and/or [key performance indicator change].
  35. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday Less process. More progress. The more

    you complicate your research and design process, the less likely you’ll end up with a simple intuitive product.
  36. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday Try and visualise something better.

    Always question what already exists and how things work.

  37. Camp Digital 2015 @benholliday thank you holliday.ben@gmail.com