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User Experience beyond software design

User Experience beyond software design

Future Sync 2017

Ben Holliday

June 10, 2017

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  1. @benholliday #govdesign Future Sync 2017 User Experience beyond software design

  2. @benholliday #govdesign

  3. @benholliday #govdesign DESIGN IS A GOOD IDEA

  4. @benholliday #govdesign

  5. @benholliday #govdesign

  6. @benholliday #govdesign

  7. @benholliday #govdesign

  8. @benholliday #govdesign

  9. @benholliday #govdesign Building a design community benholliday.com/building-a-design-community

  10. @benholliday #govdesign Design team specialising in service design, user research,

    interaction design, content design and front end development
  11. @benholliday #govdesign Service design not software design

  12. @benholliday #govdesign …understanding user needs as part of the full

    end-to-end service experienced by an end-user. 
 This means working across multiple channels, not excluding administrative or ‘back end’ systems and processes
  13. @benholliday #govdesign Designing services means that we’re interested in everything

    that happens
  14. @benholliday #govdesign Services are a familiar part of our lives,

    and are often less digital than we’ve come to expect
  15. @benholliday #govdesign An early example of a messaging service

  16. @benholliday #govdesign Pre-internet era services intertwined with IT infrastructure

  17. @benholliday #govdesign 26 A P R I L

  18. @benholliday #govdesign Travel. Train to work

  19. @benholliday #govdesign Tickets for travel

  20. @benholliday #govdesign Making a payment. Contactless

  21. @benholliday #govdesign 1-click ordering

  22. @benholliday #govdesign Music. Synced to phone

  23. @benholliday #govdesign Directions. Using geolocation

  24. @benholliday #govdesign Travel. Office to hotel

  25. @benholliday #govdesign Something to eat. Delivered to hotel in 30

  26. @benholliday #govdesign Staying in touch. Picture messaging (MMS)

  27. @benholliday #govdesign Entertainment. Television anywhere with internet access

  28. @benholliday #govdesign Managing money and payments

  29. @benholliday #govdesign Travel Accommodation Food Entertainment Communication Money

  30. @benholliday #govdesign We can think very deliberately about the design

    of anything we’re prepared to get close enough to, looking at the detail of every interaction as a result or intention of that service
  31. @benholliday #govdesign The expectations we have for the services we

    use every day have changed
  32. @benholliday #govdesign To a user, a service is simple. It’s

 that helps them to do something designnotes.blog.gov.uk/good-services-are-verbs
  33. @benholliday #govdesign An outcome is what happens as the result

    of your service
  34. @benholliday #govdesign Most services provided by large organisations were made

    before the internet even existed
  35. @benholliday #govdesign Making things digital 
 ≠ making digital things

  36. @benholliday #govdesign Making things digital is employing the culture, mindset,

    practices, processes, skills and technologies of the internet era
  37. @benholliday #govdesign Digital is something you are, not something you

    do http://bit.ly/digital-org
  38. @benholliday #govdesign

  39. @benholliday #govdesign Things of the internet are: Accessible Responsive Open

    Transparent Faster Automated Usable Adaptable Anywhere and anytime Trusted Moving towards instantaneous Efficient
  40. @benholliday #govdesign GOV.UK Services and information Simpler, clearer, faster

  41. @benholliday #govdesign Westpac. Get a Credit Card: 5 days 5

  42. @benholliday #govdesign Apple. Setting new expectations for a retail experience

  43. @benholliday #govdesign Amazon physical stores. Using online sales and review

  44. @benholliday #govdesign DESIGN IS A GOOD IDEA

  45. @benholliday #govdesign Start by understanding user needs

  46. @benholliday #govdesign

  47. @benholliday #govdesign The problem is we don’t always focus on

    user needs
  48. @benholliday #govdesign How close are you to 
 user experience?

  49. @benholliday #govdesign The view from 30,000 feet

  50. @benholliday #govdesign The street view

  51. @benholliday #govdesign Everything starts 
 with a people problem, not

    a technology or software problem
  52. @benholliday #govdesign DWP services that support: Finding work Managing a

    health condition Caring for someone Retirement
  53. @benholliday #govdesign User research: What’s it really like to be

    living through this situation? What are people thinking, 
 feeling, and doing in response to what’s happening in their lives?
  54. @benholliday #govdesign Make sure things are accessible and usable

  55. @benholliday #govdesign Software is a small part of a much

    bigger picture. But it doesn’t make it any less important
  56. @benholliday #govdesign Bad example: UK ePrescribing system

  57. @benholliday #govdesign Bad example: UK ePrescribing system

  58. @benholliday #govdesign Work on solving real problems

  59. @benholliday #govdesign Bad example: A playground app for the playground

  60. @benholliday #govdesign Starting with user needs means understanding the real

    problems that people have in their lives
  61. @benholliday #govdesign Adjust the focus

  62. @benholliday #govdesign Any creative process needs clarity and focus

  63. @benholliday #govdesign If we’re not communicating well with each other,

    it’s unlikely we’re communicating well with people using our services Melanie Cannon
  64. @benholliday #govdesign Start with ‘why’. Everything we work on gets

    started for a reason. Then move on to ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘how’
  65. @benholliday #govdesign Holding on with both hands benholliday.com/the-needs-of-government

  66. @benholliday #govdesign User Experience beyond software design: 1. Recognise changing

    expectations 2. Service design is an opportunity 3. Get closer to the problem (user needs) 4. Make sure you get the basics right 5. Adjust the focus 6. Keep going
  67. @benholliday #govdesign

  68. @benholliday #govdesign Thank you digital.dwp.gov.uk/careers
 @DWPDigital benholliday.com