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Code Rippa

Code Rippa

This is a short presentation I gave at Singapore Ruby Brigade meetup. Code Rippa takes source code and translate this into a single PDF that is themed, bookmarked, and syntax highlighted.


Benjamin Tan Wei Hao

May 29, 2012


  1. 0r how I built my first ruby gem

  2. How do you read <source code> Offline? * * you

    do read source code, right ?
  3. Pop Quiz: How does Rails find_by_* work? I didn't bother

    to find out! L
  4. Pop Quiz: How is it that CoffeeScript is written in

    ... Coffeescript? Short Answer: Boot strapping.
  5. {code} ↦ CodeRippa ↦ {PDF}   " CodeRippa is my

    attempt to make source code reading a more pleasurable experience, and help programmers get better at their craft. " – Me. What does it do?
  6. Features Syntax Highlighting 1 $ code_rippa –n c coffeescript erlang

    haskell java javascript ruby prolog python $ code_rippa –n | wc –l 143
  7. Features Themes! 2 $ code_rippa –n blackboard brilliance_black cobalt happy_happy_joy_joy_2

    ir_black made_of_code monokai railscasts solarized_dark $ code_rippa –l | wc –l 84
  8. Features Bookmarked PDF 3

  9. # syntax highlighting engine require ‘uv’ # language detection require

    ‘language_sniffer’ How it works
  10. # install texlive $ gem install code_rippa Getting the goods.

  11. I I was only creating a   Stuff I learnt

    along the way.
  12. $ code_rippa -h Usage: code_rippa [options] input_file_or_directory Parses input_file or

    directory and outputs a file named out.tex. Unless specified, 'Made of Code' is used as the default theme. To see all themes, type: code_rippa -l Examples: 1. code_rippa path_to_file.rb (uses default theme) 2. code_rippa -t rubyblue path_to_file.rb (with theme specified) 3. code_rippa -t rubyblue path_to_dir Then run `pdflatex -interaction=batchmode out.tex` to generate the PDF output. Options: -t, --theme THEME Selected theme -n, --list-syntax List all available syntax -l, --list-themes List all available themes -v, --version Display version number -h, --help Display this screen Building a command line tool in Ruby.
  13. Best looking website I've made.

  14. Basic Insurance. http://travis-ci.org/

  15. Minitest!

  16. Addiction.

  17. DEMO

  18. In the |-line Drag source folder ! here.!

  19. Anyone know how to build a LaTeX server?   In

    the |-line
  20. /benjamintanweihao/code_rippa ben @ witsvale.com