Gophers! Go, google's open source language - WXG Guildford 2013

146e52d49d361f85c0945487452fc6a0?s=47 Ben Lovell
October 25, 2013

Gophers! Go, google's open source language - WXG Guildford 2013

Go was conceived within Google to scratch their itch for a fully featured systems programming language with a super-fast compiler and runtime performance close to that of the C programming language.

We'll take a high level glance at how Go can help you write performant and maintainable servers and applications, how Go's language-level concurrency constructs "go-routines" and "channels" make traditional multithreading headaches a thing of the past and a brief look into Go's "batteries included" amazing standard library.

Go is built from the ground up for concurrency - a commonly misunderstood term and often used interchangeably with parallelism. We'll talk about this distinction and why it is increasingly significant in the age of multicore and multi-CPU systems and servers.

Of course, Go isn't perfect. I'll take you on a tour of some of Go's controversial design decisions and the reasoning behind them. Hopefully turning the typical and initial reaction - "huh?" into "ah!"

This talk was presented at WXG Guildford.


Ben Lovell

October 25, 2013