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Raspberry Pi for everyone

A1995c9abe48450ce2f82d93ca0b863f?s=47 Ben Nuttall
October 27, 2016

Raspberry Pi for everyone

Lightning talk given at All Things Open 2016 in Raleigh, NC.

All about the Raspberry Pi Foundation, its charitable work in education and its series of small computers.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuAkRui5ngs


Ben Nuttall

October 27, 2016

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  1. Raspberry Pi for everyone! Ben Nuttall Raspberry Pi Foundation UK

    Charity 1129409 @ben_nuttall #ATO2016
  2. Ben Nuttall • Raspberry Pi Community Manager • opensource.com columnist

    • Based in Cambridge, UK • @ben_nuttall on Twitter @ben_nuttall #ATO2016
  3. 10 million Raspberry Pis @ben_nuttall #ATO2016

  4. Raspberry Pi Foundation • Educational charity founded in 2006 •

    Owns trading subsidiary Raspberry Pi Trading Ltd • Trading profits fund educational programmes @ben_nuttall #ATO2016
  5. Our mission “Putting the power of digital making into the

    hands of people all over the world” @ben_nuttall #ATO2016
  6. We do this by providing... • Low-cost, high-performance computers •

    Outreach and education programmes • Free resources and teacher training @ben_nuttall #ATO2016
  7. Current models • Raspberry Pi 3 • 64-bit quad-core ARMv8

    @ 1.2GHz • 1GB RAM • $35 • Raspberry Pi Zero • 32-bit single-core ARMv6 @ 900MHz • 512MB RAM • $5 @ben_nuttall #ATO2016
  8. Raspbian Jessie with PIXEL @ben_nuttall #ATO2016

  9. Free learning resources • Free resources to teach, learn and

    make with Raspberry Pi • Freely licensed, CC BY-SA • Source available on GitHub • raspberrypi.org/resources @ben_nuttall #ATO2016
  10. Picademy • Free teacher training & professional development • Network

    of certified educators • Cross-curricular • Courses run regularly in UK & US • raspberrypi.org/picademy @ben_nuttall #ATO2016
  11. Raspberry Jam • Independently organised community events • Family-friendly •

    Mix of meetup / conference / workshop styles • raspberrypi.org/jam @ben_nuttall #ATO2016
  12. Code Club • Free volunteer-led after school clubs for children

    aged 9-11 • Projects provided using Scratch, HTML and Python • Training and support provided for volunteers • codeclubworld.org @ben_nuttall #ATO2016