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Everyone is, at least, Open Core

December 10, 2020

Everyone is, at least, Open Core


December 10, 2020

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  1. Commercial Open Source Software Company Index 45 - 50 Companies

    70K Employees $18B Revenue Source: coss.media
  2. How much do they depend on the maintainers? Data obtained

    with: cauldron.io ~ 4K Active maintainers per month ~30K maintainers over the last 3 years
  3. Top 50 maintainers activity over the last 5 years Mostly

    bots! This is a “human”! Data obtained with: cauldron.io Don’t bother him on Thursdays! He is one of the speakers in this conference!
  4. Release Organizations release OSS to attract talent, to drive awareness,

    to improve their tech stack, etc. 2 Consume Organizations use OSS to build their tech stack 1 Contribute Organizations participate in OSS projects to drive them, to retain talent, to increase their tech footprint, etc. 3 Organizations & their OSSE
  5. Every organization is part of an Open Source Ecosystem …

    … so, every organization is an Open Core Organization
  6. Practice “The way of the Maintainer” “Active” users Submitting issues

    Asking questions Contributors Solving issues Answering questions Sending patches Maintainers Reviewing & accepting patches Coding in main branch Roadmap governance Source: coss.media
  7. Avoid the “Not invented here” syndrome! There might be companies

    and individuals providing consulting, customization, and/or support services on open source projects… To hire is also an option!
  8. Final remarks Every organization is becoming an open source /

    core organization Organization’s success might depend on its Open Source Software Ecosystem health / wealth Take care of your Open Source Software Ecosystem There is only one way. The Way of the Maintainer Create sustainable wealth for your ecosystem