Teach (all the) Rails

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June 29, 2012

Teach (all the) Rails

Brigitte Jellinek from Salzburg Unversity of Applied Sciences about teaching Rails at University.
Eva Barnabas about epigenesys of the University of Sheffield.
Rachel Myers about Railsbridge.



June 29, 2012


  1. Teach Rails! three reports ...

  2. Who we are

  3. Rails at University - Why not? • Universities are not

    for learning useful stuff • Universities are for Java • Universities are for strongly typed languages • Professors don't have the time to adapt the curriculum in a fast moving field like Rails
  4. Rails at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences • BSc MultiMediaTechnology

    ◦ specialisations in either web or game development ◦ 3 years ◦ html, css, js, php + project in the first year ◦ ruby on rails, more js + projects in the second year ◦ placement + final project in the third year ◦ Projects in cooperation with Arts Program ◦ https://portfolio.multimediatechnology.at/ • MSc MultiMediaTechnology with Moduls on ◦ Scalable Web Architectures ◦ Client Side Web Engineering ◦ Algorithms for the Social Web ◦ Semantic Web and Data Engineering ◦ 2 year masters project, big teams, developers + artists
  5. Get Rails into Universities! Demand it ! Be a Lecturer

    ! • in Salzburg? • Come to our Meetup http://www.meetup.com/salzburgwebdev/ • Come to our Barcamp http://lanyrd.com/series/barcamp-salzburg/ Support the people who do it!
  6. Rails at epiGenesys • epiGenesys is a social enterprise wholly

    owned by The University of Sheffield • We have trained and mentored master level students using Ruby on Rails since 2009 • They are working for real clients and gives them experience in the real world • Because we are not bound by a fixed curriculum we can change our strategy
  7. RailsBridge RailsBridge is Awesome!

  8. Do something! • Volunteer to organize a workshop • Volunteer

    your space to host a workshop • Find women coorganizers railsbridge.org @railsbridge