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Making bad ads sad - Rad!

Making bad ads sad - Rad!

Opening keynote at Velocity Conference, Santa Clara , June 2016

bruce lawson

June 22, 2016

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  1. Advertisements must be obviously distinguishable from editorial content “ Strictly

    regulated - The BCAP Code: The UK Code of Broadcast Advertising @brucel
  2. Advertisements must be prepared with a sense of responsibility to

    the audience and to society. “ Responsible @brucel
  3. 7 minutes an hour (off peak) for PSBs and 9

    minutes an hour for all other broadcasters Not overwhelm content @brucel - Regulating the quantity of advertising on television, Ofcom (Copyright: Ofcom)
  4. half of all news website data came from ads and

    similar content - The Cost of Mobile Ads on 50 News Websites - New York Times @brucel
  5. 500MB data: hours worked @brucel Brazil Nigeria South Africa United

    States Germany 0 10 20 30 40 1 5.7 18 28.2 34.4
  6. 36% APAC smartphone users block ads - New York Times

    (30 May 2016) @brucel Digital self-defence
  7. 10% of incoming traffic savings, 10% more page loads per

    machine with no CPU load change 
 = happier accounting. Opera Mini, with ad blocker @brucel
  8. Data savings is 13.7% better with adblock in extreme mode

 = very happy users! Ad block data savings @brucel
  9. preloading makes pages load ~20% faster. I think preloading is

    the single biggest performance improvement browsers have ever made. “ Mr Souders - Steve Souders @brucel
  10. ▪ their resources are triggered by scripts, thus fire somewhat

    later through the page transcoding process and extend our execution window ▪ the loaded resource modifies DOM which is expensive, as triggers re-layout. ▪ but the script may register actions on intervals to refresh / change the ads loaded, which rewinds us a few steps back. Why are ads so slow on Mini? @brucel
  11. Why are ads so slow? @brucel ▪ slow HTTP response,

    multiple HTTP requests, huge number of HTTP redirects, big and suboptimal javascript code. ▪ often the DOM element is just a script one, which means it is fired (load time++) to create another DOM element. That might finally load quite a few inlines. ▪ use counter URLs that often are chained, which means a bunch of redirects until real resource.
  12. Gas-Guzzling Ads @brucel Power saving Ad blocker mWh used Battery

    time OFF OFF 40637 3:32 ON OFF 32634 4:24 ON ON 28206 5:06
  13. but the biz is broken @brucel “ We messed up

    ... we lost track of the user experience. - Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)
  14. Non-native display ads have an average clickthrough rate of 0.08%

    from September to December 2015. (Google DoubleClick data) One in 1,250 clicks through Business Insider (April 2016) @brucel
  15. Programmatic for online display has been an exercise in polishing

    a turd. “ Programmatic? - Confessions of a media agency CEO (Digiday) @brucel
  16. So where would the money be better spent? Ad blocking

    could really help this. What we need is far fewer, more effective ad formats. “ Some in industry want blocking @brucel - Confessions of a media agency CEO (Digiday)
  17. Only two formats were valuable: native and video. - Dave

    Jakubowski, Head of Ad Tech, Facebook What works? @brucel
  18. In Nigeria, the cost of data to watch 2 minutes

    of video a day can be more than the cost of month’s schooling of a child. Be careful of video - How To Make Internet Affordable (Web We Want) @brucel
  19. unskippable video ads are a primary driver for installing ad

    blockers “ - IAB Be careful of video #2 @brucel
  20. LEAN guidelines (IAB) How LEAN Can You Get? A Scale

    and a Score Will Tell You - IAB @brucel ▪ Lightweight ▪ Encrypted ▪ AdChoice supporting ▪ Non-invasive
  21. pre-roll video ads must include the opportunity to skip after

    no more than 15 seconds. “ LEAN for consumers? @brucel - IAB
  22. an average household would be willing to pay approximately €38

    a month for internet services that it currently receives for free. “ - Digital Dividends (World Bank) @brucel
  23. a web API to allow merchants to easily accept payments

    from different payment methods with minimal integration. User agents (e.g., browsers) will facilitate the payment flow between merchant and user. “ Payment Request API - editors: Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, Facebook @brucel
  24. ad blocker usage in the U.S. is expected to double

    by 2020. We’re on the cusp of mass public acceptance. You have 43 months. Innovate or die. “ Let ad blockers win? - The best way to beat ad blockers? Let them win (Kurt Gessler, Deputy Editor for Digital News, Chicago Tribune) @brucel
  25. Summary @brucel ▪ Ad industry messed up ▪ Opera’s consumers

    use ad blockers as digital self- defence against terrible performance and high bills ▪ Ad industry needs to get its house in order and provide good user experience