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ESEML: Empirical Softare Engineering Modeling Language

ESEML: Empirical Softare Engineering Modeling Language

Bruno Cartaxo

October 22, 2012

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  1. MOTIVATION Researches in Softare Engineering normally proposes net practces to

    increase productvity and quality. A great part of these researches fail to present empirical evidence.
  2. EMPIRICAL SOFTWARE ENGINEERING There are several types of empirical studies.

    Such as, surveys, case studies, secondary studies, acton research and controlled experiments.
  3. CONTROLLED EXPERIMENTS According to Sjoberg only 1.9% of artcles has

    a controlled experiment and the quality is not very high. With Experiment s Without Experiment
  4. CONTROLLED EXPERIMENTS Wide range of skills is necessary to conduct

    experiments that ofen create a barrier for adoptng it. Skills in terminology, statstcs knot hot and expertse in experimental design.
  5. OBJECTIVE Facilitate the modeling process and defniton of an experimental

    plan. By mitgatng social barriers betteen stakeholders. Such as statstcians, experiments designers, and domain experts.
  6. PROPOSAL DSLs are efcient to model specifc domains + Controlled

    experiments have their specifc domain elements = ESEML guides controlled experiments modeling in softare engineering and reduces social barriers
  7. ESEML A visual DSL for modeling controlled experiments in softare

    engineering. That Automatcally generate the experimental plan from an instantaton of a domain model.
  8. METHODOLOGY Informal reviet of models, ontologies and formal representatons for

    controlled experiments. Meta-model based on the reviet. Microsof DSL Tools to create the DSL and its related torkbench.
  9. CONCLUSION ESEML is the kickof to a major initatve for

    defne a platorm of empirical studies in softare engineering.
  10. FUTURE WORK Automatcally generaton of artfacts to collect data and

    execute experiments. Systematc reviet to more accurate meta-model . Empirical evaluaton of ESEML.
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