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Sulu CMS as a full headless solution

April 30, 2021

Sulu CMS as a full headless solution

"Sulu CMS as a full headless solution" - Keynote from the PHPUG-Rhein-Neckar, at the 29.April.2021


April 30, 2021

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  1. Hi, I’m Oliver Kossin @Cadien1 – Symfony and PHP-Developer for

    more than 6 Year s – Working with sulu for 2 year s – Work in Cologne at the agency brandung – Loves football, traveling and DIY projects https://github.com/TheCadien
  2. Sulu CMS is… – Enterprise content management 
 platfor m

    – Built full-stack on the 
 Symfony framewor k – Made for businesse s – Intuitive UI with great U X – High performanc e – 100% Open Source
  3. Framework based – Don't reinvent the whee l – Built

    on top of a solid foundatio n – Re-using proven and widely tested software design pattern s – Secure and long term maintained – More than 3 billion downloads
  4. Worldwide community 23.05 6 Commits 1.56 1 GitHub stars 434.875

    Package downloads 11 2 Contributors 1.23 9 Slack users 37 5 Releases
  5. When to use Sulu – Complex brand and corporate website

    s – News and media platform s – Social and collaborative site s – Custom eBusiness solution s – Handling external data resource s – Headless data & content provider – Speed is a critical success factor
  6. Webspaces – One single content-structure / page tree – The

    structure represents one or more website s – Multiple languages implemented as dimension s – Multiple webspaces support
  7. – Powerful template engin e – Each page template is

    de fi ned b y ✓ an XML fi le that contains the page structur e ✓ a Twig fi le that contains the HTML representatio n – The page structure consists of properties, each of which has a content type Templating
  8. Snippets & Articles – Additional concepts for 
 centralised content

    managemen t ✓ Snippets for re-usable content fragments — across webspace s ✓ Article repository for centralised publisher oriented content management (blog-posts, news, …)
  9. Media Management – Centralised repository for documents, images etc .

    – Independent management based 
 on folder hierarchies – Multi-language support for document meta- dat a – Document versionin g – Automated image re-sizing 
 & optimisation
  10. Website Webshop Mobile App Social Media IoT Wearables Content Delivery

    Integrations CRM Film DB … ERP Sulu Modules Sulu CMS
  11. Add own ContentTypes – Create Service and tag it with