Mentoring Junior Engineers at Slack - The Lead Developer UK 2017

Mentoring Junior Engineers at Slack - The Lead Developer UK 2017

I have a degree from Northwestern University in film and musical theater. After working in theater for a few years, I had a crazy idea that I might be able to teach myself how to code. To get my foot in the door, I had to convince very smart people that I can write software because I can do ballet. It took a few tries.

Today I am a software engineer at Slack and a feature lead for our enterprise billing systems. In the year since I started working at Slack, not once has anyone made me feel stupid. Slack is empowering people to thrive. The fact that I still love what I'm doing and have the confidence to take on challenging projects is a reflection of what my manager is doing right. Attendees will learn best practices they can apply to empower junior members on their teams.


Carly Robinson

June 09, 2017