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7 Successful Habits of Designers & Developers Who Actually Like Each Other

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October 26, 2014

7 Successful Habits of Designers & Developers Who Actually Like Each Other

Delivered at HOW Interactive Design conference in Chicago / October 21, 2014

Designer and developer skill sets are complimentary, but often the personalities are not. In this highly practical session, you’ll discover opportunities for increased productivity, strategies for creating more harmonious teams, and collaborative habits that produce stellar work.

Whether you are a manager, team lead, developer or designer, getting two stubborn characters to play nice is an exercise in walking on eggshells. This session will take a look at the intricacies of these working relationships.

3 Main Takeaways:
• Learn the best workflows for designer / developer cooperation.
• Find out how to develop work habits that will allow you to get the job done, even if you can't stand your colleagues.
• Get tips for a happy “marriage” between a designer and a developer.



October 26, 2014


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    Actually Like Each Other
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  5. designer developer coders-survey.com, 2012 what are you? 11% 38% 50%

    both designer & developer
  6. Hybrids, who have one foot in each discipline, beg the

    question of whether we need to get along better or simply become more like each other. “ ” bit.ly/twocatsinasack
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  14. 1. work transparently

  15. startup ad agency 6 employees freelance just me tech company

    100s of employees boutique agency 30 employees healthcare 15-100 employees 50 employees
  16. Transparency is a really good way to make people understand

    what kind and how much work a group is doing. “ ” – bobby richter
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  18. bug tracker 2 week sprints wiki irc vidyo etherpad email

    closed meetings
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  24. 2. find the same page

  25. everyone accounted for

  26. audience problem success

  27. audience

  28. brief

  29. None
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  31. None
  32. ask questions

  33. Groups of people that are naturally inclined to share &

    respect each other usually just have a common goal that's too looming and important to not use everybody's skill. “ ” – bobby richter
  34. 3. clear the way

  35. None
  36. demolish roadblocks

  37. document the scope of work

  38. sprintr

  39. 4. share your screen

  40. pair-programming

  41. nearsoft inc

  42. I think the biggest key to good designer- developer relationships

    is that the people involved view each other as creative partners rather than resources to hand-off work to. “ ” – atul varma
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  44. pair-designing pair-programming

  45. pair-creating

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  47. 5. reviews

  48. it is impossible to ignore the reviewer when he or

    she is sitting right next to you. “ ”
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  51. design review

  52. redpen.io

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  55. 6. always be mentoring

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  58. students don't know where to ask (irc, bug, email, ???)

    and if they try the one thing they know how to do and it fails, they can give up. Pay attention to new people on all your channels. do your reviews fast; prioritize contributor reviews. draw them out on irc, comment on their blogs, check in on bug comments. Quiet means you're losing them. reassure them that they're doing OK, tell them not to give up, be encouraging. make it okay for non-experts to be here. be [extra] friendly. file bugs with lots of details you're not filing a bug for colleagues. give more context. blog, tweet, or otherwise recognize their work/presence
  59. I feel the role of UX is always downplayed. “

    ” – nadine lessio There's a common misperception that devs are not creative. – simon lindsay
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  61. 7. perfect the handoff

  62. sean inman

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