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The Embedded Designer: Making designers an integral part of your healthcare team

March 25, 2013

The Embedded Designer: Making designers an integral part of your healthcare team

An honest look at the cultures of design and healthcare, where they overlap and where there's room to grow. Presented at Healthcare Experience Design in Boston March 2013.


March 25, 2013

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  1. THE EMBEDDED DESIGNER how to make designers an integral part

    of your team cassie mcdaniel @cassiemc [email protected] healthcare human factors
  2. the plan who am i myth of the magical creative

    a few good examples project collaboration short-term collaboration skill-sharing everything else questions?
  3. team icon by Björn Andersson The Noun Project designers UI,

    ux, graphic and industrial designers human factors designers team structure
  4. myth of the magical creative "User Experience Unicorn" is a

    very nice title. we can just update the Job Descriptions to: "create double rainbows wherever you go!" Rob Manson
  5. myth of the magical creative a designer requires honest feedback

    and real criticism and that is not going to happen where colleagues or clients are worried about crushing the spirit of a magical being mike monteiro, design is a job
  6. information architect user experience designer user interface designer graphic designer

    communication designer print designer interactive designer web designer front end designer industrial designer human factors designer art / creative director myth of the magical creative
  7. the most impressive part about this weekend was meeting the

    designers dr. Allan Steingart, psychiatrist
  8. It was really cool to see engineers and healthcare professionals

    thinking about design and imagining different user experiences jay vidyarthi, ux designer at yu centrik
  9. Google’s 20 Percent Factor has cultivated some of Google’s most

    innovative products. www.forbes.com/sites/glennllopis/ 2013/03/18/study-reveals-the-workforce-is- not-innovative-enough/
  10. myth of the magical creative when it comes to scientific

    research specialist knowledge is undoubtedly the most important factor but the involvement of designers can help to identify constructive applications ALICE RAWSTHORN, New York Times
  11. resources your next steps http://folyo.me/guides/how_to_pick_a_great_designer hiring a great designer mike

    monteiro / a book apart design is a job vimeo.com/34081566 ben chestnut - permission to be creative www.creativegroup.com/SalaryCenter the creative group: paylandia