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March 05, 2024

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  1. 圖書館本週新書(06/03) Title:A study in Scarlet [血字的研 究] 曾為屯門友校S.1書單Reader Cover: A

    study in Scarlet reveals the early days of Holmes and Watson's friendship, and exactly how the former doctor became involved in a life of crime-solving Call No.:F DOY
  2. 圖書館本週新書(06/03) Title:Magic Tree House(3) the graphic novel, mummies in the

    morning [木乃伊之謎] Cover: The magic tree house has whisked Jack and Annie to ancient Egypt. Inside a pyramid, Jack and Annie find a long-dead queen who needs their help solving a centuries- old riddle. If only they can find their way through the pyramid's maze! Call No.:F OSB
  3. 圖書館本週新書(06/03) Title:The adventures of Captain Underpants [內褲超人瘋狂大冒險] 屯門友校S.1書單Reader Cover: Fourth

    graders George Beard and Harold Hutchins are a couple of class clowns. The only thing they enjoy more than playing practical jokes is creating their own comic books... Call No.:F PIL
  4. 圖書館本週新書(06/03) Title:Reading Explorer Theme- based Anthology Elementary 屯門友校S.2書單Reader Contents: Amazing

    animals; travel and adventure; the power of music; into space; city life; backyard discoveries; when dinosaurs ruled; stories and storytellers; unusual jobs; uncovering the past; plastic planet; vanished! Call No.:428.4 ATH
  5. 圖書館本週新書(06/03) Title:Chinese Cinderella 沙田友校S.2書單Reader Cover: Adeline's family considers her bad

    luck, and she is made to feel unwanted all her young life. Although she is mistreated by her older siblins and rejected by her cruel stepmother... Call No.:920 MAH