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Collaboration Environments + some JS weird things

Collaboration Environments + some JS weird things

Building Software à la SV

César Cavazos

March 04, 2014

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  1. Vision •  Consulting o  Propelics o  Accenture o  Sapient o 

    BlueWolf o  Cyberdyne o  Global Logic •  Use of multiple products •  Product o  Magnet o  FB o  TW o  Airbnb o  Medium o  Secret •  Have a PS team
  2. Teams •  Board •  Executive (C-Suite) •  HR •  Marketing

    •  Sales •  Engineering •  Services •  Support
  3. IT  Teams •  Engineering o  R&D o  PMs o  Architects

    & Developers o  3rd Party Modules o  QE •  Services o  Architects (SA) o  PMs o  Consultants o  Developers o  QA •  Marketing o  Web Developers o  Analytics •  Support o  Customer Facing o  Customer afraid •  Sales o  SE
  4. Tooling •  Confluence •  Wiki •  IRC •  Yammer • 

    GoToMeeting •  Webex •  Google Plus •  Skype •  Podio •  Teamworkpm •  Github •  Bitbucket •  Jira •  Bugzilla •  Trello
  5. var  youDoNotKnow  =  true;     youDoNotKnow  ?  ask()  :

     quit(); every single time you have a question
  6. Testing  (QE  &  QA) •  Surprise! This also needs a

    lot of coding. •  Automated Testing •  Web browsers •  Mobile Devices •  Continuous Integration Software (Jenkins) •  Think as a non-tech user •  Think as a developer •  Drink beer •  Be respectful with the development team.
  7. HR •  Recruitment o  Data Structures o  Algorithms o  Logic

    o  Don’t you dare to stay quiet o  Don’t worry to much o  How do you move a mountain from one side to another? o  Find the repeated letters in 2 strings of N length. o  Who’s our CEO? o  Why are pizza boxes square?