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Axway Imagine 2017 - Rapid Prototyping

Axway Imagine 2017 - Rapid Prototyping

Rapidly prototyping your way to a successful mobile strategy

César Cavazos

May 03, 2017

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  1. @propelics www.propelics.com 2 SPEAKER BIO Cesar Cavazos Chief Architect With

    a decade of mobile development experience and 50+ apps under his belt, he has helped countless companies across all industry verticals improve the lives of their customers and employees with high quality enterprise and consumer apps. To stay at the top of his game he constantly evaluates new mobile technologies, including mobile development tools, IoT and cognitive services. Recent clients include: BayHealth Development, Cintas, NBME, Pioneer Natural Resources, AstraZeneca & EPA
  2. @propelics www.propelics.com 3 PROPELICS BACKGROUND ABOUT US Propelics creates mobile

    strategies and world-class Apps for the Enterprise. • Deep Enterprise background • Founded in 2011 • Fortune 500 focus • Global delivery experience • 100% focused on digital & mobile for the Enterprise • San Jose, Boston, Pittsburgh, Guadalajara -
  3. @propelics www.propelics.com 6 RAPID PROTOTYPING • Work quickly through iterations

    of design, navigation, user experience, and palette • Allows you to bring visualization to your ideas • Quickly bring validity (or not) to process transformation
  4. @propelics www.propelics.com 8 DEFINE AN INNOVATION POSTURE • Important to

    identify where to start • Each point on this maturity stack has benefit – what works for your organization? • Amount & rate of process change • End-user readiness • Not every app can be (or should be) transformative • Understand that there is no “gold standard” for enterprise mobility
  5. @propelics www.propelics.com 9 DEFINE A MOBILE APP ROADMAP • Identify

    hotspots through ideation and art of the possible sessions • Align ideas to business drivers, organizational readiness, and ease of implementation • Stack rank app candidates by overall viability score • Choose a top app candidate for rapid prototyping
  6. @propelics www.propelics.com 10 START WITH A DAY IN THE LIFE

    What is it? Basically stalking. Follow potential app users (employees, partners, etc.) around as they complete their daily tasks. A few examples: • Accompany drivers on a delivery route • Shadow sales people as they visit prospects and customers • Work in a retail store, stocking, auditing & answering customer questions • Visit oil fields with lease operators and technicians
  7. @propelics www.propelics.com 11 APP SCOPING & FUNCTIONALITY IDENTIFICATION Day in

    the Life results + process ideation + leadership viewpoint + right user participation + honesty of outcome
  8. @propelics www.propelics.com 12 PROTOTYPE IDENTIFICATION • Prototype Should Focus on

    Highly-Ranked Functionality • Functionality that maximizes business benefit • Fosters innovation • Possesses High-Readiness in process, data, and implementation • Makes the scenario “real”
  9. @propelics www.propelics.com 21 BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND •

    Build prototype in no more than 2 weeks and distribute to end users • Semi-functional prototypes give users a feel for actual navigation and interaction • Gather feedback from key constituents, discover gaps and adjust before you start development
  10. @propelics www.propelics.com 22 LEVERAGE AXWAY TITANIUM • Define a happy

    path • Use a combination of screen previews and native UI elements • Hardcode known use cases (Login) • Code key elements for the success of the app • Explore navigation patterns • Use Local Notifications • Package app for distribution in your internal App Store • Create foundation for app development (not throw-away)
  11. @propelics www.propelics.com 23 TECHNICAL CONSIDERATIONS • Current and future state

    data sources, backend process integration, and integration methods • Data design (services design, data transformation, caching) • Discuss platform choices: iOS, Android, and Windows 10 • Application architecture options and decisions to support known functionality • Network infrastructure and limitations • Security & authentication considerations • Proof of concept
  12. @propelics www.propelics.com 2 WEEK RAPID APP PROTOTYPE KICKSTART Business Drivers

    Market Opportunity Mobile Innovation POSTURE Step I: Benchmarking & Requirements Step II: Visualization, Readiness & Roadmapping Step III: Planning and Budgeting Build & Deploy Scope Finalized Competitive Analysis App Prototype App Roadmap Ongoing Support Technical Approach Development Approach, Budgeting, & Release Plan Support Plan DAY IN THE LIFE Step IV: App Creation