Supercharge your WordPress Site with Jetpack

Supercharge your WordPress Site with Jetpack


Chase Livingston

July 16, 2015


  1. Chase Livingston Happiness Engineer @ChaseLivingston Supercharge Your WordPress Site with

  2. • Feature Parity with • Contact Forms • Widget

    Visibility • Sharing Links • + more! Our Mission (If You Choose to Accept It) • Leveraging the Cloud Servers • Related Posts • Photon • Publicize • + more!
  3. • Customize your site • Write great content • Grow

    + Engage your audience • Security + Stability of your site • Performance matters
 • How? So what can Jetpack do for me?
  4. • Custom CSS • Mobile Theme • Contact Form •

    Sidebar Widgets • Widget Visibility Customize your site
  5. • Custom CSS makes it easy to craft changes to

    your theme without needing a child theme. Custom CSS
  6. • If you’re running in a multisite environment, avoiding thousands

    of needless child themes is a big win. Also, if you’re already running a child theme, you can still use Custom CSS — whereas you wouldn’t be able to create a grandchild theme.
 • Changes are stored in your database as a Custom Post Type — you can always step back if you make a mistake. • Supports both Sass and Less preprocessors. Custom CSS
  7. • A simple drop-in form editor. • Customize your fields,

    generate leads. • Form submissions are both emailed and saved locally — if you’d like to export them all as a CSV or the like! • Automagically filtered for spam (if you’re also using Akismet) Contact Form
  8. • Pulls in a lot of third-party integration widgets that

    ship on — displaying Gravatar Profiles, Images, Galleries, Facebook Like Boxes, Twitter Timelines, RSS Feeds, and more. • Widget Visibility lets you target specifically which pages your widgets will display on. You can add a Contact Form to only single-post pages, while omitting it on Archive pages. Or add a gallery only to your homepage. Sidebar Widgets + Visibility
  9. • Post by Email • Markdown • Beautiful Math (LaTeX)

    • Spelling and Grammar Check • Shortcode Embeds • Carousel • Tiled Galleries Write great content
  10. • Register a private email address that will publish to

    your site. • Dozens of custom shortcodes to control the output and options of the generated post. • Great for building easy 
 integrations with 
 third-party systems. Post by Email
  11. • Markdown is a shorthand for writing rich text (bold,

    italic, bullet points, hyperlinks) in plain text. • It makes for rapid content creation, without needing to regularly swap to the formatting bar or explicitly writing HTML markup. • It’s also perfectly readable unprocessed when displayed as Markdown. Markdown
  12. • LaTeX enables the creation of complex math and scientific

    formulas. • (Yes, this is very niche) • $latex i\hbar\frac{\partial}{\partial t}\left|\Psi(t) \right>=H\left|\Psi(t)\right>$ • Becomes… Beautiful Math (LaTeX)
  13. • Easy in-browser spelling and grammar checking. • No automated

    tool will be as good as an actual proofreader, but we catch what we can. Spelling + Grammar
  14. • A shortcode is a WordPress-specific code that lets you

    do nifty things with very little effort. Shortcodes can safely embed files or create objects that would normally require lots of complicated, ugly code in just one line. • Shortcode = shortcut. • Jetpack Shortcodes add in some special shortcodes that are available on • [archives] [googlemaps] [twitter-timeline] [scribd] [bandcamp] [slideshare] [presentation] and more! Shortcode Embeds
  15. • When displaying your galleries, why not display the individual

    images in an informational lightbox? • Give a bit more information about your camera as well! Carousel
  16. • A beautiful way to automatically crop and resize your

    images to present a cohesive whole. • Captions will slide into view as you hover over each image. • It just works. Tiled Galleries
  17. • Publicize • Sharing Links • Comments • Likes •

    Subscriptions • Related Posts Grow + Engage your audience
  18. • Publicize makes it easy for you to push out

    notifications on social media when you publish a post. • You can easily manage one or more account per network, and choose on a per-post basis where you’d like to send it — even customizing the message in the process. • It’s a pretty awesome way to automate your workflow and make sure your content gets out in front of the eyes of as many of your followers as possible. • Supports Facebook, Twitter, Path, Tumblr, Google+, and LinkedIn. Publicize
  19. • Sharing links, unlike Publicize (which automatically posts content for

    you), make it easy for your users to share your content. • This lets your content foster new connections between users, and take on a new life as they pass it around. • You can customize which networks you’d 
 like to support with an easy 
 drag-and-drop interface, and even how 
 you’d like each button to display. Sharing Links
  20. • Drop-in comment form replacement • Works with all themes

    • Own your own content • Multiple-service authentication • Decrease the feedback friction • Easier if already logged into .com Comments
  21. • Likes are a super-easy way to let folks acknowledge

    your content, without having to think of something witty to say. • It’s easy, it’s fun, and it increases engagement Likes
  22. • With Subscriptions, you can make it easier for your

    visitors to keep coming back. • They can subscribe either via the reader, or via email notifications! • It helps to keep your content in front of the people that already care about what you have to say. Subscriptions
  23. • Single Sign On • Manage your site •

    Monitor your uptime • Brute Force Login Protection Security + Stability of your site
  24. • Single Sign On enables users to log into

    their accounts with their linked account. • This can be more secure, especially if they are connecting over public wifi! • All authentication requests through are HTTPS — secure! If you don’t have an SSL certificate for your site and route all your requests through HTTPS, logging in users could have their information stolen! • Plus we support two-factor authentication. :) Single Sign On
  25. • From your single Dashboard, you can manage content

    and infrastructure across all of your sites. • Keep your assorted plugins up to date? • Write new blog posts? • Do it all via a secure connection on servers? • We’ve got your back. Manage your site
  26. • Uptime and reliability matters. • Knowing when your site

    is experiencing problems is the first step to fixing them. • Monitor checks in with your site every five minutes. • If it ever finds a problem, it checks from two other geographic locations, and if it’s still down, it lets you know. • Thanks, Good Guy Monitor! Monitor your uptime
  27. • Large-Scale Network Brute Force Detection • Stop hackers before

    their first login attempt. Brute Force login protection
  28. • Stats by • Photon Image CDN • Related

    Posts with Elasticsearch Performance matters
  29. • Stats are hard to do locally. It can add

    a tremendous load to your MySQL database and slow down your site. • Google Analytics and other existing the space, but don’t necessarily understand your content on the back-end — only the URLs being viewed. If your permalink structure changes, stats get affected! • Stats understands your content, and how it’s displayed. It can track views of single posts as they’re displayed on Archive pages. • We like to make sure you have full access to your data — YOUR stats! So you can get stats information through the WordPress Mobile Apps, and even data dumps so that you can play around and build something awesome with your own data! Stats by
  30. • Photon is an Image CDN offered for free to

    Jetpack sites. • It can take the load off of your servers, so that they can better focus on what they’re best at — serving WordPress pages! • In our testing, simply enabling Photon can double the number of concurrent users that your site can support under load. • And our geographically dispersed CDN can make sure your users get the content quickly and efficiently. • No database changes to content — easy and safe to toggle on and off. Photon Image CDN
  31. • Powered by Elasticsearch, Related Posts uses the Cloud

    to find related posts. • Bane of self-hosted blogs! • Indexes based on post content, title, categories, tags. • Doesn’t need to be a featured image — external images (Flickr, for example) can be used as well. Related Posts with Elasticsearch
  32. • Maintenance + Support • Just shipping open source code

    isn’t enough. • We have a group of 15+ Automatticians working on the Jetpack plugin and related code, plus more pitching in regularly. • We also have a terrific support crew of 9 (currently) Happiness Engineers that fully supports users across plugin support forums, email support, and social media channels. One more thing…
  33. • Want to make the web a better place for

    more than a billion people each month? We’re hiring. • 300+ Automatticians, fully distributed all over the world. • Interested in joining Automattic?
  34. Questions?