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Databases Overview

Databases Overview

This is a overview presentation on databases that I gave in Rudbecks upper secondary school in Stockholm through the Transfer network. Transfer is a non-profit knowledge transfer network whose aim is to bring professionals in all sorts of diverse areas to Sweden’s upper secondary schools. Teachers can use the Transfer website to request a lecture in an area and Transfer then matches those requests with the profiles of the affiliated professionals, which can then either accept or decline the request.

Approx 45 minutes.


Mårten Gustafson

November 12, 2010

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  1. Databases overview Mårten Gustafson, 2010-11-12 Hitta.se

  2. Mårten Gustafson Hitta.se Java PHP HTML Oracle MySQL PostgreSQL OpenLDAP

    Microsoft ActiveDirectory Riak CouchDB Linux Windows OS X
  3. Databases

  4. * Data * Baser

  5. fact / information / values %BUB * Data * Baser

  6. * Data * Baser

  7. fundamentals / basics CBTFT * Data * Baser

  8. foundation for information %BUBCBTFT * Data * Baser

  9. Information Mårten m@hitta.se

  10. Data models • Relational • Hierarchial • Graph • Document

    • Key-Value
  11. Relational databases Id Name 1 Mårten Person E-mail 1 m@hitta.se

  12. Relational databases • “Most of it” (it’s the standard) •

    Present in “all” businesss • eg. Financial systems • eg. Your schools website
  13. Hierarchical databases Mårten e-mail = m@hitta.se phone = 0705-10 51

    98 User
  14. Hierarchical databases • Account / logging in (Windows accounts)

  15. Graph databases Mårten m@hitta.se 0705-10 51 98 e-mail phone

  16. Graph databases • Facebook (friends, friends of friends, etc) •

    Twitter (followers)
  17. Document databases name: Mårten email: m@hitta.se phone: 0705-10 51 98

  18. Document databases • Hitta.se - PoI • train stations, weather,

    traffic cameras
  19. Key/Value Mårten => m@hitta.se, 0705-10 51 98

  20. Key/Value • Hitta.se, profile pictures

  21. “traditionals” Namn Typ Microsoft SQL Relational Oracle Relational PostgreSQL Relational

    MySQL Relational Microsoft Active Directory Hierarchial OpenLDAP Hierarchical Apache Directory Server Hierarchical IBM Tivoli Directory Server Hierarchical Novell eDirectory Hierarchical
  22. “non-traditional” Namn Typ CouchDB Document MongoDB Document RavenDB Document Neo4J

    Graph InfiniteGraph Graph Amazon Dynamo Key/Value Dynomite Key/Value Riak Key/Value Redis Key/Value Scalaris Key/Value Tokyo Cabinet Key/Value Voldemort Key/Value Google BigTable Column family HBase Column family Cassandra Column family
  23. Try it Windows OS X / Linux Graph Neo4J Neo4J

    Key/Value ? Riak Document CouchDB CouchDB Relational PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
  24. In the corporate world • Now - now: relational databases

    • Now - indirect: hierarchical • Future? • My guess: document, key/value
  25. To read Deep dive Basics

  26. http://marten.gustafson.pp.se/ marten.gustafson@gmail.com @martengustafson