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Bastardised Kanban

Bastardised Kanban

Retrospective and current status of my work with using directed graphs for planning software development work.

Presented at Schibsted Classified Media's "Superweek" conference in Barcelona.

Mårten Gustafson

April 22, 2015

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  1. Bastardised Kanban Mårten Gustafson, Schibsted Media Platform

  2. But first, some personal opinions…

  3. Whiteboard

  4. Digital whiteboard

  5. Kanban

  6. One main concern

  7. No dependencies

  8. No dependencies

  9. Why dependencies?

  10. Why dependencies? The road to shipping is paved with real

    world problems
  11. Why dependencies? Scenario: X and Y is blocking A

  12. Why dependencies? If A is most important, we must solve

    X and Y first
  13. Why dependencies? If A is our end goal: X and

    Y are more important
  14. Why dependencies? We rarely want to do X and Y,

    but must
  15. Why dependencies? Be explicit about X and Y’s relation to

  16. Why Kanban? Buyer beware: personal opinions

  17. Why Kanban? Because: DevOps

  18. DevOps Development should manage Operations

  19. DevOps Development should manage Operations (but not necessarily infrastructure)

  20. Kanban & DevOps Development should manage Operations (but not necessarily

  21. Why Kanban? Because: continuity

  22. Continuity In business, technology, operations & process

  23. My previous attempts

  24. 2011 @ hitta.se

  25. None
  26. None
  27. None
  28. None
  29. None
  30. None
  31. None
  32. None
  33. None
  34. 2012 @ Omni

  35. None
  36. None
  37. None
  38. Publish Show related Search Write article (Presentation @ Omni 2012:

  39. Search Publish Show related Write article (Presentation @ Omni 2012:

  40. Search Publish Show related Write article User test Time Goal

    Tasks (Presentation @ Omni 2012: 3/3)
  41. Current status Stoneboard

  42. Stoneboard A Github based, and centric, approach

  43. Milestones An overall thing to get done

  44. Milestones “Integrate AFP newsire”, “Move to GHE”, “Support GIF and

    PNG”, “Migrate to Java 8”, “Support URL slugs”
  45. Issues Tasks required to complete a milestone

  46. Issues Design discussions, coding, refactoring, testing, scoping

  47. No milestones for Continuous efforts

  48. Not in milestones Bugs*, ops and one-off maintenance *unless clearly

    belonging with a milestone
  49. None
  50. None
  51. None
  52. None
  53. None
  54. https://github.com/plan3/stoneboard

  55. My work is predated (as usual)

  56. Impact Mapping Mentions from Feb 2011, book published Oct 2012

  57. Impact Mapping

  58. Mikado Method First mentions around 2009, book published 2013

  59. Mikado Method

  60. CPM & PERT Critical Path Method, Program Evaluation & Review

    Technique Around 1950’s
  61. CPM & PERT

  62. CPM & PERT

  63. CPM & PERT

  64. Common theme?

  65. Common theme? Directed graphs

  66. Directed graph Time moves in one direction

  67. Kanban as a graph Items ordered by priority and dependencies

  68. Kanban as a graph Pull work from any beginning of

    the graph
  69. None