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Evolving from a monolithic to a distributed public API

December 04, 2012

Evolving from a monolithic to a distributed public API

API Days 2012


December 04, 2012

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  1. Evolving from a monolithic to a distributed public API
    - API Days 2012

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  2. Chris O'Dell
    Current API Team Lead Developer
    Hibri Marzook
    Senior Developer/ Former API Team Lead

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  3. Providers of open access to the broadest catalogue of fully licensed,
    high quality digital music

    Over 22 million legal, high quality tracks

    Open to consumers, partners and developers
    Who are 7digital?

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  4. Started as a side project providing access to our catalogue

    Features driven by client demand

    A single monolithic API application

    Written in C# .Net WebForms

    Lots of shared libraries with other applications

    Single team working on the API
    Where we came from

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  6. How do we scale ?

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  7. Architectural shift to SOA-ish

    Make monolithic API route to smaller focussed internal APIs.
    Changing for scale

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  8. Move code from main API codebase to new internal APIs.

    Rewrite where possible

    External consumers did not see any change in behaviour

    Slow evolution, not a big rewrite.
    Making the change

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  9. Smaller, focused teams

    Assigned Product Managers for each product and team

    Reduced size of work items

    Introduced Kanban

    Change technology stack behind the public facing API
    Changing how we work

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  10. Shared libraries gradually being replaced by internal APIs

    A skeleton of the monolith remains as the public façade for routing

    Able to deploy each API individually

    Each API can employ specific caching and scaling strategies

    Independent and multiple technology stacks – Windows & Linux

    More chaos.
    Where we are now

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  12. How do we deal with
    the chaos ?

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  13. Increase testability.

    Small projects with little code are easier to build and maintain.

    Invested in time and tools to automate build and deployment.

    We now have single click deployment.

    We average 50 production releases in a week

    Changes can be tested and deployed in under an hour

    Metrics. Measure things. We use NewRelic and Statsd
    Limit the impact of chaos

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  14. We build our own applications using the API
    • 7digital.com, built by internal teams
    • Mobile apps built by 3rd parties working for us
    • Dev teams focus on building the platform

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  15. We don't build internal
    - we build APIs

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  16. • Tools are built on top of APIs
    • Every business process can now be monetized
    • Don't implement an API until it is needed
    Build the platform

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  17. Language and platform agnostic

    Gave us more breadth and exposure across the market.

    Open protocols, HTTP, OAuth 1.0 (yes we hate it too)

    Open Platform, Open Source

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  18. We are not a startup
    any more

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  19. Samsung, Microsoft, Blackberry and many more...
    Who is building on our open platform

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  20. Interested in working with us ?
    - or learning more ? Come talk to us
    Sign up for a free public API Key
    - http://developer.7digital.net/
    We are hiring
    - http://about.7digital.com/jobs/
    @ChrisAnnODell @Hibri

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