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Intro to Bootstrap

Intro to Bootstrap

An introduction to the Bootstrap web framework

Chris Griffith

April 05, 2013

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  1. These  opinions  and  thoughts  are  my  own,  and  may  or

      may  not  reflect  the  opinions  of  my  employer.   Disclaimer  
  2. Introducing Bootstrap Bootstrap  is  a  toolkit  designed  to  kickstart  development

     of   web  apps  and  sites.     It  provides  an  easy-­‐to-­‐implement  960  pixel  grid  for   efficient  layout,  as  well  as  expertly  craHed  styles  for   typography,  navigaIon,  tables,  forms,  bu"ons,  and  more.    
  3. Introducing Bootstrap Bootstrap  is  a  very  simple  way  to  promote

     quick,  clean  and   highly  usable  applicaIons  …  providing  a  clean  and  uniform   soluIon  to  the  most  common,  everyday  interface  tasks   developers  come  across.    -­‐  @mdo  (co-­‐creator)  
  4. Components Button groups! Button dropdowns! Navigational tabs, pills, and lists!

    Navbar! Labels! Badges! Page headers and hero unit! Thumbnails! ! Alerts! Progress bars! Modals! Dropdowns! Tooltips! Popovers! Accordion! Carousel! Typeahead!
  5. Media object Abstract object styles for building various types of

    components (like blog comments, Tweets, etc) that feature a left- or right-aligned image alongside textual content.
  6. Bootstrap 3.0 •  Bootstrap  3  will  be  mobile  first.  

    •  No  more  separate  responsive  CSS  file—all  in  one  now,  baby.   •  Dropping  support  for  IE7  and  Firefox  3.x.   •  Grids  have  been  overhauled—now  simpler  and  fluid  by  default.   •  Modals  are  all  responsive.   •  Dropping  submenu  support.   •  Carousel  has  been  redesigned.   •  Renamed  all  of  the  variables  to  use  dashes  instead  of  camelCase.   •  Dropped  image  icons  in  favor  of  icon  font.   •  JavaScript  events  are  going  to  be  namespaced.   •  Docs  are  geang  a  bit  of  a  reorganizaIon—Scaffolding  and  Base  CSS  have   been  merged  into  a  single  page,  CSS.   •  Added  a  new  gallery  page  to  showcase  more  awesome  Bootstrap   implementaIons.   •  And  a  whole  mess  of  other  changes.   h"ps://github.com/twi"er/bootstrap/pull/6342