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Practical Design & Development with Flash on Mobile & Devices

Practical Design & Development with Flash on Mobile & Devices

Chris Griffith

January 24, 2014

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  1. Prac%cal  Design  &   Development  with   Flash  on  Mobile

     &  Devices   Chris  Griffith   Qualcomm,  Inc.   User  Experience  Group  
  2. Prac%cal  Design  &   Development  with   Flash  on  Mobile

     &  Devices   Based  on  a  talk  given  by   ScoG  Janousek  
  3. Agenda   Intro   Flash  PlaJorm  Overview   Prac%cal  Design

     &  Development   Project  Discussion   Q  &  A  
  4. Poll   Flash?   iPhone?   Android?   webOS?  

    BlackBerry/RIM?   Other?   How  many  people  are  developing  mobile  apps  in?  
  5. Flash  is  pervasive   Whether  Steve  likes  it  or  not!

      Flash  Player  is  installed  on  98%   of  Internet-­‐connected  PCs  and   more  than  450  million  devices  
  6. Flash  on  SmartPhones   It’s  a  fun  %me  for  mobile

     development     Google  Nexus  One   HTC  Incredible   Palm  Pre   HTC  EVO  
  7. Open  Screen  Project   Hey,  I  work  for  one  of

     those  companies!   Open  Screen  Project  partners  span  the  en%re  value  chain  
  8. Flash  Mobile  &  Devices  101   .SWF  =  Flash  Content

      .FLV  =  Flash  Video   Flash  Lite  1.x/2.x/3.x/4.x   Flash  10   Supported  Device  PlaJorms  =  Dozens  of  OEM  
  9. Flash  Lite  vs.  Flash  10   Flash  Lite   Op%mized

     Flash  Player  for  Mobile  &  Devices  (4.x)   Flash  Lite  4.0  supports  Ac%onScript  3,  and  it  is  a   browser  plugin  (i.e.  not  standalone  player)     Flash  Lite  4.0  is  for  slower,  less  powerful  and  memory-­‐ constraint  devices,  and  Flash  10  is  for  more  powerful   devices,  possibly  with  hardware  graphics  accelera%on.      
  10. Flash  Lite  vs.  Flash  10   Flash  Player  10.1*  

    Top-­‐Tier  Mobile  &  Devices  (in  beta  for  Android  OS)   *Late  2010  might  be  %meframe  for  release?  
  11. Flash  Lite  vs.  Flash  10   FlashPlayer  10.1  Features*  

    Enhanced  Performance  (87%  on  rendering)   Reduced  Memory  Comsump%on  (55%  improvement)   Mul%touch  &  Gesture  Support   Accelerometer  and  Geoloca%on  Support   Screen  Orienta%on  Support   Mobile  Input  Models   H.264  Video  &  Hardware  accelera%on   Ac%onScript  3   Out  of  Memory  Management   Sleep  Mode   Op%mized  SWF  Management     *Late  2010  might  be  %meframe  for  release?  
  12. Flash  Lite  vs.  Flash  10   AIR  for  Mobile*  

    Top-­‐Tier  Mobile  &  Devices  (in  beta  for  Android  OS)     *Late  2010  might  be  %meframe  for  release?  
  13. CreaGon  Tools   Photoshop   Illustrator   Fireworks   Flash

      Flash  Catalyst   Flash  Builder  
  14. UI  Components   Flash  Lite   Nokia   Sony  Ericsson

      Feather  Framework  (FL  2.x)   Adobe  XD  UI  Components  (FL  1.1/FL  2.x)      
  15. Designing:  Best  PracGces   Wireframe  and/or  paper  prototype   Design

     LOTS  of  prototypes   Start  with  vectors  to  handle  varying  screen  resolu%ons   Learn  design  considera%ons  for  your  plaJorm   Reuse  UI  components  when  possible  
  16. The  Flash  PlaDorm   Flex Flash Media Server Family Flash

    Platform Services AIR Flash Player Flash Builder Flash Catalyst Flash Professional FLASH PLATFORM TOOLS FRAMEWORK CLIENTS SERVICES SERVERS LiveCycle
  17. Develop:  Best  PracGces   Prototype   Conserving  memory   Using

     bitmaps   Minimizing  CPU  usage   OpGmizing  network  interacGons   SQL  Database  performance   Read:  Op%mizing  Performance  for  the  Adobe  Flash  PlaJorm  
  18. TesGng:  Best  PracGces   Always  test  on  device  (when  possible)

      Adobe  Device  Central   Automated  Test  Scripts   UGlize  Device  Central’s  Panel  (memory,  cpu,  etc)   UGlize  tesGng  services  (DeviceAnywhere)    
  19. Deployment:  Best  PracGces   Figure  out  your  business  model  

    Look  at  the  #’s!  (devices,  customers,  etc)   Focus  on  key  on  1-­‐2  device  plaDorms  
  20. mobileMAX   Overview   Flash  Lite  2.x  Applica%on   PlaJorm

     =  Nokia  S60  (Symbian)   Targets  =  N95,  6650   3-­‐5  weeks  project  %me     Features   Personal  Schedule   unConferences   Had  no  idea  what  this  would  lead  to…  
  21. mobileMAX   Overview   WebKit/iUi   PlaJorm  =  iPhone/iPod  

    1  week  project  %me     Features   Personal  Schedule   unConferences   Had  no  idea  what  this  would  lead  to…